When we think of dentures, many of us tend to think of the pain and discomfort which comes with wearing these prosthetic teeth.  However, although there truly is a short recovery period involved with denture placement, there are many things which you can still do right away, including enjoying some delicious foods!  The dental professionals at Acadia are here for you every step of the way, including how to stay well-fed and rested once you return home.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are prosthetic teeth which are placed in the mouth by a dentist and made to fit the surrounding teeth and gums.  They are removable and are taken out for regular maintenance and cleaning.  Some patients require full dentures, which completely replace all of the natural teeth connected to either the top or bottom gums.  Others wear partial dentures, which replace a select group of teeth and have surrounding natural teeth.  Either way, Hagerstown Dentist makes sure that they fit you perfectly and feel comfortable while speaking and chewing.

Which Foods Can I Still Eat?

People who wear dentures are advised to stick to a diet of mainly soft foods, but this does not mean that they cannot be delicious! There are many recipe options available online which, incorporate soft foods which are easy to chew, without lacking taste or flavor!  We have compiled a list of such dishes, which include garlic mashed potatoes, poached eggs, exotic rice, meat or vegetable casseroles, a large variety of soups, sorbets and smoothies and of course lots of sweet treats like white chocolate whipped mousse! Find our list below of the tasties – denture friendly eats which will leave you, your family and your guests asking for second helpings!

  • Cajun rice with peas
  • Veggie tuna casserole
  • Butternut squash soup
  • Lobster ravioli
  • Turkey chili
  • Baked teriyaki salmon
  • Mushroom feta omelette
  • Moist vanilla cherry sponge cake
  • Strawberry banana smoothie
  • Raspberry sorbet
  • Smoothies
  • Greek yogurt parfait with berries

No matter what is on the menu for tonight, Acadia is here to keep you smiling!