Types of Dental Implants - Hagerstown Dentist It’s time. No more stalling. You read all the literature and heard from people weighing in on both sides of the fence. No, this is not any upcoming elections…. You  were deciding between dentures and dental implants. Those gaps in your teeth just have to go and you were swayed by the permanence of the implants over having to worry about dentures possibly becoming ill-fitting over the course of time. Yes.  After careful thought, you’ve chosen to go the implant route. Now what? There are more options to ponder.

The implants themselves are made of titanium, which is really strong. After you’ve found a dentist that is credentialed to do implants and figured out the number of teeth that are being replaced – ranging from one tooth to having all of them replaced, there really are just two types of implants to consider:


This is the most common type of dental implant. What the dentist does is put the implant directly into the jawbone. There are several different looks – cylinders, plates, or screws. Overall, the entire healing process -this is not a one-day procedure – may take several months, but ultimately, you will get the long-lasting smile that you want. The dentist will first make sure that there’s no gum disease that could flourish under the implant. Then he will implant a rod that will act as a root for the implant. It will fuse with the bone, called osseointegration, and a temporary crown will be put on. After about 3 months, the patient returns and the actual replacement tooth is screwed on.


This is an option for those who don’t want as invasive a surgery as the Endosteal. It may be because of age, injury, or several other reasons. Their jawbone may just be naturally shallow. The dentist will put the implant under the gum, but it will be above the jaw. There are also times where the dentist may try a graft to make the jaw thicker to allow for either implant.

You and your dentist will also have to choose what size and height you want the implants to be, since everyone has different teeth and jaws.You can pick from standard implants to narrow ones, which are often called mini.The minis are favored by those who don’t thick enough jaws for the regular implants and feel that the bone graft is not for them. While a dentist with a lot of experience with this type of surgery will generally have a knack for knowing what type of implants are the correct one, a thorough discussion is necessary. Don’t be afraid to do research of your own. This is your mouth, after all! Still, if you’ve done the proper research on picking a dentist for this, this part should be more of a formality, but it’s always good to be aware.

Not sure which implant is the one for you? Don’t worry. Just call to come and get the best dental implants at our Hagerstown office and our incredibly knowledgeable staff will examine you and then guide you through the proper decision-making process. Afterwards, the procedure will be simple and you’ll have great implants to give you the best smile possible!