Dentures can increase your quality of life - Hagerstown Dentist When we hear the term “Dentures” we often associate this with elderly individuals who have fake teeth.  However, modern day dentures are some much more than prosthetics.  Dentists today use the most revolutionary, natural looking and feeling material and methods to ensure that dentures blend in beautifully with the mouth.  Whether you are a candidate for partial or complete dentures, the dentists and staff and Acadia will ensure that you walk out with a natural, improved smile!

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are defined as a dental prosthetic which replaces missing teeth as well as surrounding structures.  If all of the upper or lower sets of teeth are missing, it is best to place complete dentures.  The first step would be to have the damaged teeth extracted and allowing time for the gum tissue to heal.  Once the mouth is ready, the denture will be placed about eight weeks after extraction.  However, if some of the surround teeth are in tact, partial dentures will be best.  With partials, many patients worry that they will not match the natural surrounding teeth and gums.  On the contrary, the shade of the enamel will be matched, making a perfect fit!

Will The Dentures Be Comfortable?

In addition to considering appearance, it is natural for patients to consider comfort and fit when it comes to denture placement.  The dentures will take a few weeks to adjust to, but will feel as natural as real teeth long term.  Eating different foods will take some practice and may come with a bit of initial discomfort.  Dentists recommend starting with softer foods and dividing them into small pieces for easier chewing and digestion.  Once a few weeks pass and you are completely comfortable with your new dentures, normal foods can be reintroduced and enjoyed!

Why Should I Consider Dentures?

Although many are still hesitant to consider dentures, it is important to remember how many things you are giving up by going another day with your existing teeth.  Damaged, decayed teeth will only worsen with time and wear and tear.  Dentures will change your outlook on life, your confidence level and your overall health. Make 2018 your year with a brand new smile!