Dentures repaired - Acadia dental Those who wear dentures, know that dentures break or misalign at the very least opportune times like family gatherings, corporate events or important dinner meetings.  However, with the increasing number of people who are having dentures placed, it is important to know about denture first aid!

Temporary Fix

A temporary fix may or may not fix the problem but sometimes you can perform it at home, depending on the type of break that you had.  First, you may see a crack or line through the denture.  Second, you may have one of the prosthetic teeth move out of place or detach from the structure.  Third, you may have breakage on the pink acrylic “gum” portion. Denture glue and dental repair kits are often sold over the counter at many pharmacies, so it is always great to have some on hand if there is any type of partial breakage to the denture.  However, your first plan of action should always be calling your dentist to schedule an emergent appointment for a long term solution.

What To Avoid

For those who wear dentures, you usually know which foods you should avoid.  However, when the dentures do break or crack, it is especially vital to avoid consuming certain foods which may worsen the fracture.  The very first foods to refrain from are anything sticky.  This includes granola bars with sugary or honey bases, sticky candies, gums, and even dried fruit with sticky consistency such as dried apricots.

It is also important to avoid any hard foods which are difficult to chew as these will cause resistance against the structure of the denture and will put you at risk for additional breakage. Foods such as nuts, pitted olives, tough meat such as steak, corn on the cob and hard cookies or sucking candies should not be eaten.

Contact the denture experts at Hagerstown Dentist online or give them a call at either of their convenient Hagerstown location at the very first sign of denture breakage. They will not only help place your dentures using the most natural and comfortable methods possible, but will also maintain them for life!