Emma Watson Wears Dentures - Hagerstown Dentist When we think of dentures, we often think of elderly individuals with missing teeth.  However, the modern day dentures have been completely revolutionized and reinvented.  In fact, dentures which are placed today fit so well, that neither the patient nor those looking at him or her can tell that they are even wearing anything prosthetic.  Actually, there are famous Hollywood stars and musicians who wear dentures everyday and smile for the paparazzi!

What Are Dentures?

These are defined as a form of prosthetic teeth, which can be removed for cleaning and maintenance.  There are two variations available: complete and partial.  When majority or all of the upper or lower teeth are missing, complete dentures are recommended by dental professionals.  If fewer teeth are missing, a partial denture (often referred to as a “bridge”) may be placed.  They are custom made in a dental lab to fit your mouth and blend in with the surrounding tissue, making them ultimately undetectable.

Do Celebrities Really Wear Dentures?

It may sound hard to believe, but even the A list faces many day-to-day dental issues.  Dentures are placed due to tooth loss, which may be either from decay or trauma to the face and the mouth.

Ben Afflek is one of the youngest celebrities to wear dentures.  He is a world famous actor and film producer and wears his dentures with pride!  Florence Henderson, better known as the “Mother” of the Brady Bunch is quite open about her dentures.  In fact, she is even a brand ambassador for Polident denture cleaner.  Emma Watson (made famous from the series of Harry Potter movies) is only in her twenties, but is also a denture wearing citizen!   One of the most famous musicians known in America (and a Jersey native), Jon Bon Jovi , also wears dentures and he sure sounds great!

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