The Benefits Of Porcelain & Composite Fillings For Your Cavities

The Benefits Of Porcelain & Composite Fillings For Your Cavities in Hagerstown, MD
Traditionally, if you had to get a filling for a cavity, it was made out of metal. Known as an amalgam filling, this material was soft and moldable, and it was the preferred treatment option because it was very durable. However, as dental care has advanced over the years, more options have been made available.

Growing in popularity are composite and porcelain fillings, which are both the same color as the teeth. Composite fillings are made of a mix of glass, plastic, and resin. Both composite fillings and porcelain fillings are durable, and they can blend seamlessly with your teeth.

Here are some of the benefits in choosing these types of fillings over the traditional amalgam fillings:

Composite Fillings Are Less Invasive

Your Hagerstown dentist will have to remove a larger part of your tooth in preparation for an amalgam filling. This will require more time, and it can be more painful and make your tooth more vulnerable in the long run. With a composite filling, your dentist does not need to remove as much of the tooth material. The treatment is less invasive, so treatment will go more quickly and you won’t need as much pain medication.

Avoid Stains & Discolored Tooth

Metal fillings have a distinctive color because of the materials used in them. Over time, that metal can rub off on and discolor your natural tooth. Not only will you see that dark spot where the filling is, as well as discoloration around it. You won’t have any of this problem with composite or porcelain fillings. Even if they had the ability to stain your teeth, they match the color, so there would be no noticeable difference.

They Won’t Damage Your Teeth

Metal fillings also expand and contract in your mouth when they are exposed to extreme temperatures. You can drink hot coffee or eat a cold ice cream, and the fillings will shift. The fillings are in an already tight space, so they don’t have the room to shift. When they expand, they are pushing against your teeth and damaging them.

Composite and porcelain fillings do not expand, so they do not cause damage to your teeth. You can protect your dental health in the long run by choosing these fillings.

Metal Fillings Aren’t Discreet

If you have metal fillings, they will stand out. If you have them on your front-facing teeth, they will be very noticeable. But even if they are on your back teeth, people will see dark spots whenever you talk or laugh. Tooth-colored fillings are much more discreet. Since they match the color of your teeth, no one will ever know they are there.

Obtain a Beautiful & Confident Smile

A woman getting porcelain fillings for her cavities in Hagerstown, MD
Because you will have a natural-looking smile with composite fillings, you will have greater confidence when you smile. You won’t hesitate when you are talking to people. You’ll feel more animated or more comfortable responding naturally. Others will notice that confidence and will respond in kind. You’ll make a better impression and have better interactions with people.

Composite and porcelain fillings have a lot of benefits compared to metal fillings. If you find that you have a cavity and need a filling, talk to your dentist about the options for tooth-colored fillings. Your dentist can help you understand whether a composite or a porcelain filling would be better, and why. Sometimes, the choice just comes down to a matter of cost for many people. Your Hagerstown dentist can help you understand the obligation after your insurance payment or deductible.

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