Dental Health and overall well being with Hagerstown Dentist, MDPeople operate under a lot of misconceptions during the course of their lives. None may be as bad as the one where they think that they only stand to lose some, or all, of their teeth if they neglect brushing. They will get dentures or dental implants and life will go on, right?

That is a dangerous falsehood. It’s the exact opposite – neglecting teeth can leave a gateway open to other conditions wreaking havoc on their bodies. Many of these wouldn’t seem connected to the state of one’s mouth, either, but it plays a part.

These are some of the possible effects of oral hygiene on one’s health.

What It Can Do To One’s Body

Poor oral hygiene can lead to far more than just infection and lost teeth … which create a whole different set of problems like sunken cheeks and changes in jaw structure. Bacteria can make its way into the bloodstream and cause a variety of disease and conditions.

These conditions include diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Neglecting one’s tooth brushing and flossing can wind up having quite serious ramifications. It can also cause pregnancy complications – pregnant women have to be quite diligent about this since they can get a specific type of gingivitis while carrying their child. 

It can also increase the possibility of one developing a blood clot, which then translates into a higher risk of one suffering a stroke. The main thing is that it has the most chance of doing damage to someone who is already immuno-compromised.

Plaque Is The Main Culprit

This is what builds up on one’s teeth if they do not brush and floss enough. It’s also what can lead to the worsening of their oral health and their overall health. Scientists and doctors think that it can go into the bloodstream and cause inflammation in the other parts of the body.

Sometimes there are also certain conditions that can cause the mouth to produce less saliva, which then allows the bacteria and plaque to form even quicker in the mouth. That can escalate into an even more precarious oral health situation.

Ways to Stay Healthy

Besides diligently sticking to a proper routine of brushing and flossing, people should exercise. It can boost their immune system – provided they don’t overdo it too quickly. That can have the opposite effect and wind up making them have a setback. 

Physical therapy can help people with some of those ailments also recover and manage them. People can regulate their diabetes with exercise, for example, and if enough weight has been shed, perhaps even reverse the course of it. Cancer patients can use this to avoid feeling as fatigued after chemotherapy.

While having clean teeth and healthy gums is not a complete preventative against getting these diseases – there are a lot of other environmental factors to consider, but being diligent with brushing and flossing can give them a leg up on ensuring quality health.

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