Dentist in Gaithersburg - Hagerstown Dentist Are You Looking for a Dentist in Gaithersburg, MD?

Studies show that nearly fifty percent of Americans are well overdue for their biannual dental checkups and cleanings. The question is, why? The most common answer is that they do not currently have a dentist who they know and trust, or they do not know which dental practice to choose. While these are both valid answers, Hagerstown Dentist is here to serve the community of Gaithersburg, Maryland. The knowledgeable, experienced team of Hagerstown Dentist understands how busy and hectic life can be and they are here to schedule your dental appointment when it is most convenient for you and your family, without interfering with everyday life.

There are a few important questions to ask yourself when choosing a dentist.

  • First, how experienced is the doctor and their staff?
  • Second, are they conveniently located near my home?
  • Third, how is their bedside manner; will my visits be a pleasant experience or an errand which I dread every six months?

Dentist in Gaithersburg Room - Hagerstown Dentist Hagerstown Dentist has carefully considered these questions and many more!  They have developed a community oriented dental practice right in the Gaithersburg neighborhood, which serves the need of all local citizens. They are also located near Interstate 270, so that those who live and work in nearby neighborhoods also have easy access to professional dental care and expertise. Please, visit our other locations in Hagerstown.

How did Acadia choose Gaithersburg as the place for their practice? Very similar to the way the people of Gaithersburg have chosen this wonderful town as their home! Easy access to major highways and transportation to the surrounding cities was a large factor. However, the most important deciding factor was the fact that there is a truly a great sense of community in this quaint Maryland city. With a current population of almost 60,000 people, Gaithersburg has officially been named the fourth largest incorporated city by the State. However, even with it’s large citizenship and popularity, it is still a suburb and offers the benefits of a metropolitan city, without the same level of hustle and bustle.

With wonderful landmarks nearby such as “ Olde Towne ” or as we know it, the central business hub and the Montgomery County Fair Grounds, it is no wonder that families, couples and singles alike have called this town home for many generations.  New construction is prevalent in this area as is population growth.  Hagerstown Dentist is excited to welcome new patients to their practice as Gaithersburg’s population steadily grows!  Next time you are in town, stop by and say hi to Hagerstown Dentist!