Dentist in Germantown - Hagerstown Dentist Are You Looking for a Dentist in Germantown, MD?

Germantown Maryland is truly a town with a very deep, rich American history and roots.  Many have since settled there to raise families and start careers.

This is why Hagerstown Dentist has settled in the area as well. The team at Hagerstown Dentist truly feels that the people of Germantown deserve a local, convenient place which serves as a one stop shop for all of their dental needs.

Dental Clinic - Hagerstown Dentist Germantown is a centrally located city, which is very close to interstate 270.  With it’s close proximity to the Washington D.C. area, many people have found this to be a great area to call their home.  Unlike the hustle and bustle of D.C., Germantown offers a family oriented community feel, while still being very accessible to all major attractions, both for business and pleasure.

Back in the day, Germantown was referred to as the “corridor city.” This is because Montgomery County planned for this to be a central area for those traveling along Interstate 270, which was built in the 1960’s.  The plan was to maintain the county so that travelers could easily access big cities, while preserving the farmland and greenery on the outer edges of the interstate locations.  Germantown began as a rural village where farmland was prominent.  Over time, throughout the 1970’s, it has grown in both population and modern development.  Although some rural aspects still exist, Germantown now offers many features such as world class medical care and modern stores and shopping areas.

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