denture care how do i clean dentures - acadia dental When you first get a set of dentures, one of your first concerns may be about the best way to care for removable dentures. Taking care of your dentures properly helps to keep them looking as good as they did the first time you put them into your mouth. Proper denture care also helps you maintain healthy gum tissue and fresh breath. These tips will provide you with simple and effective solutions for denture care.

What is the best way to care for removable dentures?

Brush Your Soft Tissues

The best way to care for removable dentures is to start with your mouth. Each day before and after you insert your dentures, use a soft-bristled brush to gently massage your gums, roof of your mouth and tongue. This helps remove bacteria. If bacteria get trapped in the warm, moist area between your gums and the denture, they could cause inflammation of your gum tissue or painful mouth sores. Gentle circular strokes also stimulate circulation in the tissues, keeping them healthy. Cleaning your mouth before putting the dentures also helps avoid bad breath from trapped food particles.

Remove Food from the Dentures

When people ask, “How do I clean my dentures?” they often want to know about how to brush the denture itself. When you bite into food, some tiny particles will be left behind, stuck on the denture. The food can get stuck on or between the artificial tooth crowns or on the denture’s base. The bacteria could work their way into your gum tissue, cheeks or lips if the dentures are not brushed every day. To clean dentures, you need:

  • An angled, soft-bristled toothbrush
  • Denture cleaning paste
  • Effervescent denture cleaning tablets

To remove the food particles, brush dentures at least once per day. Brush the dentures after taking them out of your mouth. Use a soft-bristled brush and a denture cleaning paste. Avoid using toothpaste, which is made for use on natural teeth.

Deep Cleaning Your Dentures

Another part of the question, “How do I clean my dentures?” is related to stain removal. Coffee, tea and cola stain dentures. Effervescent denture cleaning tablets provide deep-cleaning action to lift those stains off. How often you need to do a deep cleaning of your dentures depends on your dietary habits. For most people, a once per week deep cleaning is sufficient. Be sure to thoroughly rinse the dentures after a deep cleaning. The effervescent tablet may leave behind a residue that could damage the sensitive tissues in your mouth.

Keep the Dentures Moist

If the plastic part of the dentures gets dried out, its texture could change. The change of texture could be painful to your palate and gum tissue. Dried out dentures could also shrink slightly, causing them to fit poorly in your mouth. When your dentures are not inside of your mouth, they should be kept in a denture cleansing soak or in room-temperature tap water. Avoid using hot water to moisten or clean your dentures. Hot water could warp the denture base.