Dental Myths, Hagerstown Dentist can help, we are located in Hagerstown and Frederick, MDPeople of all ages are getting dentures. Are they getting proper information, though? There are a lot of web pages out there that claim to know a lot more about dentures than they really do. So patients often go to the dentist’s office under the illusion that they know all about what they are getting into.

That’s a dangerous line of thinking, since it can lead to neglect, possible gum disease and infection, which can lead to more tooth loss. That’s why having a solid base of knowledge is important.

Here are some myths that have stubbornly stuck around and need to be dispelled before one goes on to get dentures, lest they get a rude shock later on.

Dentures Are Permanent

People often think that once they get a set of dentures, that’s it – they won’t need to get another set for the rest of their lives. Dentures tend to last for seven years, though with great care and possibly a little bit of luck, it may be ten years.

Dentures are not as sturdy as they may appear, and depending on the material, may warp through everyday chewing over time. They can be quite fragile if somebody happens to drop them… even on a thick rug.

Dentures Need Very Few, If Any, Adjustments

While it’s true that technology, especially CAD/CAM, can make it very easy to take precise measurements and create dentures that are well-fitting the first time, there is still a process. Teeth can shift around even with the dentures in the mouth and that can cause them to become uncomfortable and even cause cuts to the gum line.

Anyone who gets dentures has to be ready for a series of adjustments. This also speaks to another myth that once one gets them, they no longer have to go to the dentist. That is simply not true, since it’s important to monitor the state of one’s oral health at least twice a year. That includes the gums, tongue and inner cheeks.

Getting Used To Them Takes A Long Time

There is a period of time where people do have to get used to wearing dentures, especially if it’s their first time getting them. That’s natural. It’s a brand-new thing that’s in their mouth. Talking and eating will take a bit of adjustment.

Still, people adapt to new things remarkably fast. Dentures are no different. Soon, they will feel like an extension of their mouths and talking and eating will become routine. It’s just important that they follow directions on eating soft foods first before eating regularly again.

Getting dentures is a life-changing experience for many. Doing a bit of proper research can make it an extremely easy process. Also, staying diligent can prevent any issues down the road.

The staff at Hagerstown Dentist are intimately familiar with the denture process. They also use the latest technology in their in-house dental lab to ensure that patients get the highest-quality dentures without a long wait. People can call their Hagerstown office at 301-200-9585.