Denture Problems And How To Handle Them - Hagerstown DentistIt’s not always going to be perfect and there are things that denture wearers have to deal with. Some of them may be just minor things that happen early on with a new set of dentures and resolve themselves fairly quickly. Other things can rapidly become troublesome if immediate professional attention is not sought.

Here are a few things that both novice and experience denture wearers should be looking out for.

Gum Irritation

Anytime there’s a new set of dentures in one’s mouth, whether it’s the first one ever or a replacement, the mouth has to get used to this new addition. That means that there might be a slight bit of irritation to start. This should quickly fade as the mouth adjusts.

If the irritation lingers, though, that could quickly progress to a cut – which could then easily have a rapid path to an infection. If one’s gums are still irritated several days later, then it’s a wise idea to pay a visit to the dentist to have the dentures adjusted.

Shifting Dentures

While dentures do fill the gaps that missing teeth leave behind, that doesn’t mean that everything stops changing in the mouth. Teeth can keep moving – which means dentures will shift too. 

This change means that the dentures will need adjustments too. They may need to be relined to have them fit better in a patient’s mouth. Otherwise, the shifting dentures can make speaking and eating much more difficult. They can also cause gum irritation and possible cuts to the gums.

Difficulty Eating and Speaking

Assuming that the dentures are properly fitting, the best course of action here is to take it slow when doing either of these things. This will allow one to get used to the feeling of having the dentures in their mouths and how to adjust them to get the best results. 

The solutions can include learning which side of the mouth to chew on so that the food can be swallowed properly. Ideally, patients would start on very soft food so that the learning curve will not be too steep.


This mostly occurs when the patient sustains a cut on their gums from the ill-fitting dentures, though it can possibly happen if they don’t properly clean and soak their dentures overnight to make them sterile.

If an infection sets in, then it can rapidly move through the patient’s jaw and loosen a lot of other teeth or even make them fall out. This could create a lot more costly dental workload and medication.

It is vitally important that patients see the dentist as soon as possible. Their oral – and even possibly their overall – health could depend on swift action on their part. The dentist is there to fix the dentures and there is no problem that could be considered too small.

When it comes to dentures, the staff at Hagerstown Dentist can help any patient have a smooth experience. They have an in-house dental lab that reduces the wait time and technology has given them the ability to make much more precise dentures. Give them a call at either 301-200-9585 (Hagerstown) or 301-662-1760.

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