Denture Repair & Reline

Denture Repair

Everyday meals can and will take a toll on your dentures. It’s not unusual for dentures to break, crack, or to become unaligned, it’s quite ordinary. If you experience any of these issues, Hagerstown Dentist can resolve this. One of our knowledgeable dentists will pinpoint the problem and follow up with a solution that will resolve the issue. Our team is equipped to fix the following denture problems:

  • Loose or missing teeth

  • Chipped or cracked teeth
  • Addition of teeth for partial dentures
  • Removal of stains
  • Polishing and cleaning

If you ever experience an issue with your dentures and they’re in need of repair, there’s no need to worry. Our dental team will repair your dentures and give you back your winning smile.

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Denture Reline

Comfort is vital when wearing dentures. If you are experiencing discomfort or pain and it has become a continual issue, it’s quite possible it’s time for a denture reline. The changing of gum tissue due to time, weight gain or loss, or an infection could be one of the several reasons a denture reline is needed. No matter the reason, a denture reline will allow you to have a better fit.

A denture reline is healthier and will allow you to maintain your dental bridges while increasing the lifespan of your dentures. We offer two different types of relines. They are as follows:

  • Hard Reline – This process is unique and will require you to be without your dentures for a few days. Cure plastic is used and provides a fix that usually lasts longer than a soft reline.
  • Soft Reline – This procedure can be completed right here in our dental office. Although not as permanent as a hard reline, it provides a quicker, more immediate solution to your denture issues.
    To complete a reline successfully, we will need to take an impression of your gums. Then your dentures will be refitted to ensure you receive maximum comfort.

Our experienced dental team at Hagerstown Dentist can assist you with all of your denture reline needs.

What Our Patients Have To Say:

Client Testimonials

Everyone at Hagerstown Dentist are so helpful and professional at what they do. They answer all your questions. Love my new smile now. I recommend them highly for anyone needing dentures.

Vera Baumgardner


By far the best dental experience I’ve ever had! Everyone was so nice and they did an awesome job of making me feel comfortable and ease my anxiety. Will definitely recommend to friends and family!



The best dentist office I have ever been to these people go out of their way to help the staff is very friendly I would recommend it to anyone.

Timothy McCusker


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