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Dental Implants

If you have missing teeth, it can not only create a wide range of oral health issues for your gums and other teeth, but it also causes sensitivity, pain, discomfort, and lack of confidence in your smile. At Hagerstown Dentist, we offer a wide range of dental implant solutions with the highest quality materials at our disposal, and placed in a timely manner to get you on your way to a happier, healthier smile. Making sure you feel safe and comfortable in our dental office, our team is dedicated to providing you with first rate dental implant solutions to meet all of your oral health needs.

What Will Be Placed inside the Mouth?

At our Hagerstown dental office, the dental implant process is seamless and effective, starting with implanting the high quality aluminum anchor into the jawbone or mandible. Once it is placed, the replacement tooth, often porcelain, is added, making your teeth look natural and improving your smile!

What Are the Benefits of Dental Implants?

While dental implants are excellent for improved appearance and functionality, our team specifically designs our implants to adhere to the specific structure of your mouth for comfort, appearance, and durability. Giving you a natural look, dental implants can last for years with the right care routine and even help prevent decay from spreading.

Enjoy the Foods You Love

Your speech and diet can be severely affected by missing teeth, which is why dental implants offer a quality solution for many. With a new dental implant from Hagerstown Dentist, you can enjoy the foods you love with little discomfort and pain that comes with eating with missing teeth. Contact us today to get started!


Soft Dentures

Made with a softer lining than your average dentures, soft dentures are not made with acrylic and are designed for a comfortable, natural looking option that is also hypoallergenic. Contact us to get started!

Flexible Dentures

Flexible Dentures are a comfortable option that are made with a flexible resin coating on the outer layer. This layer acts as a buffer between the dentures and your gums to give you reduced irritation.

Partial Dentures

As a great solution for multiple missing teeth, partial dentures connect to the base of your gums and can fill the gaps in your teeth to give the appearance of a full set! They are made from acrylic or metal at our first rate dental lab!

Implant Support Dentures

Implant supported dentures give you a more secure hold for your dentures, typically bottom ones, and are anchored to the jaw. This prevents slipping, loosening, and discomfort for a more stable solution.

FAQs About Our Dental Implants

Generally speaking, you can expect the implant procedure to take about 1-2 hours for each implant that is being placed, with a healing time of 3-6 months total. The process for your procedure may take a longer or shorter amount of time depending on a variety of factors including the extent of damage in your mouth, any further issues that get uncovered during the procedure, and any challenges that arise during the implantation process. Believe it or not, this is actually the most rapid healing and recovery time you will find with any medical implant process! Each phase of the process will add a bit of time as well, including the evaluation and preparation phase, the artificial root placement phase, and the recovery time. Don’t hesitate to share all your questions and concerns with your dentist!
Dental implants are an incredible option for many individuals who are facing damaged teeth or gums, cracked teeth, or missing teeth. With a skilled cosmetic dentist on your side, you can expect the implants to be a near perfect match with the color and shadow of your natural teeth. Porcelain crowns typically provide the most realistic looking results in both color and shape of the teeth. The dental lab used to create your dental implants will have the biggest impact on the final appearance. The lab mimics the natural waves and ridges of teeth, along with color matching your teeth, and focuses on the smallest details to make sure you are completely satisfied with the results. At My Hagerstown Dentist, we use a reputable dental lab known for detail and skill to ensure the highest quality results for your implants.
When dentists consider patients for dental implants, there are typically five ground rules to follow that help the most suitable candidates stand out. 1- The teeth and gums should be in good health, to ensure excellent implantation and recovery. 2- The bone needs to be strong and have good density to offer good support to the implants. Dental implants are grafted into the mouth using the existing foundational bone, so if it is not in good health, the implants will not be stable. 3- The patient must have good oral health habits. If they are not caring for their mouth before getting implants, what would make them change the habit after receiving implants? 4- The patient must be a non-smoker or make a commitment to stop smoking. The habit of smoking poses a great risk to oral health and leads to a higher potential for complications and infections. 5- The patient must be able to have patience for the process, as it can often take up to 12 months from start to finish.
If a patient has passed the test and is considered a good candidate for dental implants, the next step is to make sure they know exactly how to care for their implants both immediately after the procedure and in the long-run. For single implants, cosmetic dentists recommend cleaning at least twice a day with a soft-bristled toothbrush, using a non-abrasive toothpaste to avoid scratching the implants, and brushing very thoroughly under and around the implant crown. It is also important to use a special interdental brush to clean the crevices around your teeth, and to floss once daily with implant-specific floss. While you are able to eat virtually anything once your implants have fully healed, they will last longer and be more durable if you avoid very hard, sticky foods.
Dental implants are an incredible option for many people and provide a lasting solution to damaged or missing teeth. Implants carry a success rate of over 95% and are considered to be the longest-lasting, most reliable teeth replacement solution available. While they are designed to last a lifetime, sometimes implants do need to be replaced. If properly maintained with good oral hygiene and regular dental checkups, implants can last a lifetime. However, the crown attached to the implant typically needs to be replaced every 15-20 years. Overall, dental implants are the most cost-effective and reliable solution and help patients save a large amount of worry, stress, time, and money.
Immediately following your dental implant surgery, you will be required to only eat soft foods that don’t need very much chewing. The first day after your implants, you should only eat liquid or very soft foods such as pudding, to help prevent biting your tongue or injuring the inside of your mouth due to the numbing agents used. For about the first week after surgery, you can eat soft foods such as rice, eggs, pasta, and macaroni and cheese. After about two weeks, you can start eating tougher and chewier foods again such as meat and vegetables. It is important to be aware of how you are healing, as that will dictate the type of food that is safe for you to eat. It is also vital to avoid chewing on the side with the implant for about 2 weeks or so, to ensure total healing.

Other Dental Services

Hagerstown Dentist has a strong dedication to making patients feel at ease and comfortable during each and every visit, making us a top-rated dental office in Hagerstown. Offering a wide range of dental services including root canal therapy, periodontal treatments, tooth extractions, routine dental cleanings, pediatric dentistry, crowns, bridges, veneers, dental implants, dentures, and more, we provide the most comprehensive dentistry services in Maryland. Contact our team today to learn more!

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Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are the perfect solution to hide discolored or broken teeth, and provide additional protection as well.

Composite Fillings

Using our state of the art lab, our dentistry team can provide composite fillings made to match the color of your existing tooth.

Dental Bridges

When you have missing teeth or gaps, it can create oral health issues that can easily be prevented with quality dental bridges.

Dental Cleanings

Routine dental cleanings and checkups are the best way to prevent serious dental issues from compromising your oral health.

Root Canal

Root canals are the necessary treatment for when your tooth becomes infected, and our trusted dentists in Hagerstown can help!

Periodontal Gum Therapy

The gums are an important part of the overall health of your mouth, and we are proud to offer periodontal gum therapy.

Tooth Extractions

At our local Hagerstown dental office, we are proud to provide crucial tooth extraction services for patients throughout Maryland!

In House Dental Lab

Our in-house dental lab is equipped with the latest, cutting edge technology to give you the highest quality dental services in Hagerstown.

Financing Options For Dental Care

As a local Hagerstown dental clinic, we have a strong commitment to our patients, which is why we are proud to offer a wide range of financing options to fit your budget. Get the dental care you need by exploring our discounts and special offers to get started on your oral health today!

Care Credit

Shorter term financing options of 6, 12, 18 or 24 months no interest is charged on purchases of $200 or more when you make the minimum monthly payments

Green Sky

Revolving credit lines are ideally for recurring procedures with multiple visits. Patients can be approved for credit lines up to $25.000 while promotional credit options are available to enhance affordability

Lending Club

No Interest for 6, 12, 18, or 24 months. After that, purchase APR of 26.99%. Minimum purchase of $499 for 6 months, $999 for 12 months, $1,499 for 18 months, or $2,499 for 24 months

Denture Products

Hagerstown Dentist understands the problems that are often associated with dentures that are old, worn out, or don’t fit properly. Our dental office specializes in denture products and services. We strive to assist you with making the best decision that is right for you and your lifestyle.

We are proud to offer the Advantage line of dentures and partials. We custom craft each denture on site in our state of the art dental lab. In addition, every denture we custom craft comes with a warranty! Schedule a consultation with our dental staff today.

Hagerstown’s Advantage Line of Dentures

The ultra-premium acrylic and processing technique will provide the optimal fit and durability every day. Premium appearance with a variety of tooth-like shading options, precise hand detailing that gives a natural appearance that is odor, bacteria, and stain resistant. 5-year warranty.

Packed processing technique used, multiple teeth shades available and enhanced gum appearance. Stain and odor resistant. 3-year warranty.

Cold pour processed, economical and durable. Limited shading options available. 1-year warranty.


A metal-free partial option that provides enhanced, natural look and comfort. 1-year warranty.

Combine the look of the flex with the durability of the cast. 1-year warranty.

Cast metal frame and clasps, durable, and economical. 1-year warranty.

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