Dispel Denture Myths - Hagerstown Dentist Denture technology has grown over the years and the advances that have been made have blown the old ones out of the water!

We’ll showcase this through an anecdote from one of our patients.

What are Overdentures?

I didn’t think I would ever end up with dentures, yet, I did wind up with full dentures at 60. Thank goodness by the time I lost all my teeth, new technology had come up with a better denture. Called overdentures, they snap onto a few implants and are smaller, more comfortable and much more functional than the old-fashioned type. They’re more affordable, too, though far from cheap. However, you still have to remove them.

I must admit that I love my overdentures. The freedom from pain, constant expense and hours in that least relaxing of reclining chairs is liberating.

You can read more about overdentures here.

Bye Bye Denture Myths

For those who shake their heads at dentures and believe the misguided myths, here are some cold facts. Twenty-five percent of seniors 65-plus have lost all their teeth, and half of all Americans ages 55 to 64 have either full or partial dentures. The percentage rises steadily with age – but you wouldn’t know it, because it’s well hidden. The stigma of dentures is quite unreasonable once you look at how many people in the US and the world wear them. Here’s a small anecdote from another one of our patients who wears dentures.

“I’m tired of being terrified to be seen without my false teeth. When I have to leave my denture overnight at the dentist’s office to be sent to the lab for repairs, I hide out at home until the next day when I can pick it up. I don’t even answer the doorbell. After I got divorced 10 years ago I did a lot of dating and always worried that I’d be outed as a denture wearer during a kiss. To my immense relief that never happened.

Like cancer victims who boldly take off their wigs to display their bald heads, I want to stop being ashamed of my toothlessness.

The last time my daughter stayed over, I experimented with toughing it out and left the dentures in their container in the bathroom overnight. I said goodnight to her without them in.

“She didn’t even notice.”

That story illustrates how we should let go of denture fears and instead embrace the comfort of new dental technology.

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