Do Dental Insurance Plans Cover Dentures and Dental Implants - Hagerstown Dentist You need to get dentures or dental implants. Baby Boomers who were used to a different way of paying for dental care for a long time may find themselves especially befuddled. The circumstances are different for various people, but the end result is the same . The question is: How do I go about getting these without bankrupting myself? Will dental insurance cover these? How much? There’s no one perfect answer, though. The main thing to remember is that each insurance company is different. Some have very favorable terms when it comes to what they do and don’t cover. Others are extremely strict about what’s allowed and what’s not. Here are a few things to ask yourself

What’s ‘Cosmetic’ About It?

The main issue is that many insurers consider dental implants to be a cosmetic procedure. That is, they don’t consider it a vital one. These people have clearly not eaten with one or more teeth missing. It’s quite possible that they view those who are in need of dentures as being negligent of their own teeth… which does happen with some, but many people lose teeth through no fault of their own. Still, these people tend to be viewed through the prism of cold, hard statistics and not the flesh-and-blood human beings that they are who need to have thee implants to drastically improve their quality of life.

They do tend to cover dentures, though. That’s considered restorative surgery and many cover of 50% of the costs of the dentures. Perhaps it’s the less time-intensive one – the dentist or specialist fits you for dentures and relines or repairs them as necessary. Dental implants require more extensive surgery, waiting, and other maintenance. That may also be why certain insurance companies shy away from having to help foot the bill for something like that.

How Close Can I Come To Total Coverage?

Generally speaking, the plan that’s going to fit the bill the most for the mythical “total dental coverage” package is an indemnity dental savings plan. It’s likely to be a lot more expensive than other plans that have many more restrictions in place, but you’ll have the freedom to go to nearly any dentist without worrying whether they are in a certain health plan network. The downside is that the maximum benefit cap tends to be much higher than other plans, so you might wind up paying a lot more out-of-pocket without being reimbursed and you might have to pay higher monthly premiums, sometimes as much as twice as much than you would in another plan.. It’s all what you’re willing to trade off though – especially if you might have to travel a long way to go to an in-network dentist.

Does this sound like a lot to take in and understand? It can be, but don’t worry, the staff at Hagerstown Dentist can help you have the best teeth possible. If you live in the Hagerstown area, they will be glad to answer any questions you might have about your insurance situation.