Do dentists do root canals - Hagerstown Dentist When we hear the term “root canal” there are often many negative feelings associated with this procedure. People worldwide associate root canals with pain, discomfort and trauma.  However, with the proper dental care having a root canal can be as simple as another errand!

What Is A Root Canal?

Prior to going to any dental or medical appointment, it is important to do some research so that you can be prepared with questions.  First, it’s important to figure out exactly what the procedure will entail and how to best prepare, both for before and post-care.  The meaning of root canal is a process to preserve a dead tooth.  Although the tooth is technically dead at the root,  your dentist can save the enamel so that the tooth is still functional and can aid in chewing, speaking and digestion.  Once the root canal is complete, a crown is placed over the affected tooth to protect it from any further damage .

Is It Best To Have My Dentist Perform This?

While some may have had their root canals performed by endodontists, in most cases, your regular dentist can perform the root canal as well.  If your dentist truly knows your mouth and enamel best, they will be most interested in preserving the tooth and your smile.  Once they identify that the tooth is decayed beyond repair, they would explain the procedure to you and ask if you would like to set up an appointment to proceed.  Although root canals can be considered unpleasant, it is not recommended to leave the tooth untreated as it can cause the decay to spread to the surrounding teeth and oral structures. If a root canal is performed, the tooth will be cleaned, sealed and undetectable !

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