Do I need single or multi-tooth dental implants in Maryland?Whatever the reason, be it accident or gum disease, you are now missing one or more teeth. Now you need to fill in that space to prevent things like your other teeth shifting around uncomfortably in your mouth. The first option that comes to mind is dental implants. The question is. Do you want to get a single-tooth replacement or a multi-tooth one. There are reasons to get either one and there are also reasons to consider getting something else.

You don’t have to ponder much longer. Just read this to learn whether single-tooth or multi-tooth dental implants are the one for you.

Single-tooth Replacement

What happens here is that the dentist or specialist, after making a thorough exam to ensure that you are a viable candidate, cleans out the gap and inserts a (usually) titanium screw into the jawbone and waits for it to fuse with your jaw. The reason for this is that the screw is going to act as the new root for the replacement and keep it in place. There may be a wait of several weeks while this process occurs.

After that, it’s time for an abutment, and then the crown, which acts as a regular tooth. People who have had this procedure say that it performs just like their natural ones. They can go backup eating close to the way that they were before, with only a few exceptions – like really hard candy or ice cubes. When all is said and done, they find that the wait is often worth it, especially for the value they get for the next couple of decades.

Multi-tooth replacement

Of course, circumstances may dictate whether you need to have a single tooth or multi-tooth replacement. It depends on what sort of gaps are present and how many teeth are missing. Should you have multiple teeth missing, then another option, like an implant-supported dentures may be put on the table. The dentist may put between four and six implants in your mouth and then snap the dentures in. This adds stability and you don’t have to worry about the dentures falling out when you eat.

There is also an option for an implant-supported bridge if the amount of missing teeth does not necessarily need dentures. Two implants can fill the gap for three or more teeth.

Other options

Dental Implants Can Be Kept White - Hagerstown Dentist Sometimes a patient might be better suited to get a dental bridge for their single tooth. This method does not require surgery – which benefits those who may have health problems.  The bridge has two crowns and an artificial tooth. It’s not all perfect, though – healthy teeth do have to be filed down to make room for the bridge. You may see a gap between the artificial tooth and your gums.

The other option is dentures. They tend to be less expensive, but they also have a much higher learning curve and need to have constant care. People may find that this is all that they can afford… and that is fine. High-quality dentures can also do a great job of mimicking their regular teeth. You just have to worry about them shifting around in your mouth.

There are things that can disqualify you on either a single or multi-tooth implant, though. Your jaw has to have a certain amount of bone mass in it to be able to support the screws that anchor the implant, and if it’s too hollow, then the implant will fail. Certain things like smoking can also interfere with the healing process, you you need to be smoke-free.

The biggest benefit of a dental implant is that it feels and acts the most like a regular tooth. You don’t have to go the extra mile like you would with dentures, which require you to take them out to brush and also soak them overnight in a special solution. You treat the implant like a regular tooth, brushing and flossing like you normally would, with just a slight change to the flossing technique.

Ultimately, it’s up to you and your situation, both financial and time-wise. Dentures have a shorter waiting period but you will have the implant for twice as long, since they are quite durable. The dental implants pay for themselves in a short amount of time.

When it comes to dental implants, the staff at Hagerstown Dentist are excellent. They will make sure that your experience is a smooth one and that you will be satisfied. Make an appointment today to see them by calling 301-200-9585.

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