Today’s dentures are not like your grandmother’s false teeth. One of the most convenient options for getting dentures is the same-day solution. Same-day dentures provide you with a new set of teeth on the same day that your natural teeth are extracted. This ensures that you will be able to talk, smile and eat without anyone noticing that you have dentures. A common concern of many people is whether or not getting same-day dentures will be painful. These tips will help you to know what to expect pain-wise on the day of your dental care and in the following days, weeks and months.

How Same-day Dentures Work

With same-day dentures, your teeth are extracted and a set of immediate dentures is placed onto your gums. The process only takes one or two visits to complete. Impressions of your mouth are taken in order to make the immediate dentures. On the day that your teeth are extracted, those immediate dentures will be placed in your mouth. This means that there is no gap between the tooth extraction and getting the dentures. You will wear the immediate dentures for 6 to 12 months. During that time, new impressions of your mouth will be taken. New impressions are needed because your jaws and gum tissue will change in shape and size as you heal from the extraction process. The new impressions will be used to make the permanent dentures.

Pain Relief Options for Getting Same-day Dentures

The process of getting same-day dentures should not cause you any pain. The dentist will provide you with anesthetics to relieve your pain. The anesthetics last throughout the extraction process and during the fitting of your immediate dentures. You may be given a choice of anesthetics. When you are having many extractions, intravenous sedation combined with pain relievers is the most common option. Other options include light oral sedation, injected oral anesthetics or laughing gas. You will be sedated or asleep while your teeth are extracted. The sedative is combined with a pain reliever so that you do not feel pain during the procedure. You will have no memory of having your teeth extracted.

What to Expect After Getting Same-day Dentures

After the anesthetics are metabolized by your body , you may notice some pain at the extraction sites. This is common and would happen to anyone after a tooth extraction. Having your same-day dentures in place facilitates the healing process, reduces bleeding and minimizes swelling. Take a few moments before leaving the dentist’s office to make sure that your same-day dentures are comfortable and fit you well.

Getting Used to Dentures

On the day your teeth are extracted and you get the same-day dentures, you may have some swelling. A liquid or soft food diet is recommended for a day or two. As your jaws and gums heal, the swelling and discomfort will decrease. This allows you to return to your usual diet. After a week or two, you should have no pain when eating or drinking.

At Hagerstown Dentist we follow up with you closely to make sure you adjust to the dentures and enjoy a normal lifestyle which has been enhanced with sturdy teeth! Call and make an appointment today!