Periodontal disease is an infection or inflammation of the gums and the supporting bone structure. When left untreated, permanent damage can be done to your jaw bone and you may experience tooth loss. It is also linked with other more serious health conditions such as stroke, respiratory disease, heart disease, and more. Get treatment right away if you suspect that you are suffering from periodontal disease.
Typically, you should see your dentist twice yearly. Once every six months should be optimal for maintaining your oral health.
Thanks to innovations in dental techniques and cutting edge technology, you will experience little to no pain during root canal therapy. Speak with our trusted dentists to learn about how we can create a comfortable, pain free experience for you!
Your child should start getting routine care as soon as their teeth emerge or at least by the time they reach 12 months of age.
It’s essential that you visit your dentist regularly to ensure that when you have small dental issues, they don’t transform into more serious ones. Seeing your dentist frequently is the best method of prevention for serious dental issues, gum disease, tooth decay, and more.