How to get rid of denture sores in Frederick, MDGetting a new set of dentures, especially for the first time ever, you can expect to feel some initial discomfort. After all, you have had a good amount of work done on your mouth, including some possible tooth extractions, so be sure to factor that into the initial recovery experience. This should go away after several days and having it linger or worsen is a sign that something is amiss.

If the pain worsens, you might be tempted to just leave the dentures out of your mouth. This is a very bad idea, since the rest of your mouth does not like any empty spaces in it.. and then the remaining teeth would shift over and cause two problems: crooked teeth and sunken cheeks… along with dentures that will no longer fit. Taking out the dentures for a short period, especially overnight is fine. (soak them in their special solution first, though!) Just put them back in the next morning.

It’s when the dentures start chafing and causing sores that you want to have the issues taken care of.

Here’s what you want to do to get rid of denture sores.

Ensure That the Dentures Fit

Although there is a bit of an adjustment period, especially if teeth were extracted, the supposed final set of dentures that have been fitted should work perfectly. If you find that this isn’t the case, then you need to go back and have them looked at. Otherwise, you risk the dentures cutting and chafing the gums around the tooth… and that is not something that you should try to soldier through, hoping that it will resolve itself.

Sometimes the dentures may cause you to not be able to bite down properly at first. This can cause sores… and the dentist will work with you on getting your biting motion done correctly.

Make Sure That You Are Cleaning and Brushing Properly

This is not something that you can do with a few half-hearted swipes of the toothbrush and then call it a night. The dentures can hold a lot of food particles and not getting rid of them can cause infection, especially if the dentures are already not a good fit. If the dentures are not sanitary, it can make a bad problem worse.

Watch How You Are Handling the Dentures

It’s important to hold your dentures like the delicate things that they are. They may look strong, but they can break or bend rather easily. You may be subtly altering the shape of the denture as you hold them.. and that can change how they fit in your mouth. Think of them as being like glass when you insert or remove them in or from your mouth. That can go a long way toward ensuring a good fit.

See A Dentist

Be sure to do this quickly if the above things are still not working to help you get back on track with the denture sores. Do not delay more than a couple of weeks and go in sooner if you find that your quality of life is severely impacted, including how well you are eating and sleeping. If it’s still very painful without the dentures, then you need to see your dental professional as soon as possible.

The dentist can do a variety of things to get the denture fitting well, including a soft reline. That can happen even when your gums are healing well. It’s just part of wearing dentures. They can also do a refit.

Wearing dentures can be an experience for both a new patient or ones who have worn them for decades. It doesn’t have to be painful and any lingering pain should not be tolerated. Take care of both yourself and your dentures and you will find that it can lead to higher confidence and a better life than one with missing teeth. You just have to be very vigilant about how your mouth feels.

The staff at Hagerstown Dentist are experts at crafting well-made dentures. Their in-house dental lab will shorten your wait. Everyone there will be glad to help you throughout your whole process… and ensure that you will be happy for many years to come. Give them a call at either their Hagerstown – (301)797-2538  or Frederick – (301) 662-1760 office to make an appointment!

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