Why Does a Tooth Have To Be Extracted?

Throughout your life, you get two sets of teeth – your baby (or milk) teeth and then you get your permanent teeth. As far as evolution goes, humans got robbed in this regard – sharks, for example, are constantly losing and regrowing teeth. Once a person loses their permanent teeth, they need to have them replaced with things like dental implants, bridges, or dentures, to name a few solutions.

As protective as people should be of their permanent teeth, there are times that a Hagerstown dentist might have to extract one or more. They will do everything that they can to preserve the tooth, but it might need to go. 

Here are five reasons why you may need a tooth extraction.

You Have Severe Tooth Decay

Hagerstown dentist preforming a tooth extraction

When bacteria break down the enamel of your tooth, then decay can form under there and start burrowing down into the tooth, where it reaches the root and pulp of your tooth. Typically, your dentist can catch it early when it is still just a cavity and decide to fill it. If left unchecked, though, it can cause a lot of problems and even a good amount of pain. That can lead to your dentist removing the tooth entirely. 

The main goal of the extraction in a case like this is to keep the decay from infecting other teeth. If it is at a state where the root canal could just keep it at that tooth, then the dentist will likely do that. The tooth will be extracted if it is determined that there is a danger of the infection spreading – which could be disastrous indeed. 

You Have Periodontal Disease

You can get two forms of gum disease. The first is gingivitis, which usually shows itself in red, swollen gums that bleed. This can be reversed if you get back to a regular brushing and flossing schedule. The other is periodontitis, which is non-reversible and needs a dentist to intervene. 

Usually, your dentist can fix the situation with the second one by doing procedures like a deep cleaning or giving you antibiotics. There are times, though when the periodontitis has advanced to a stage where it is a threat to your other teeth. Then your dentist may have to extract teeth to keep any infection from affecting a lot of other things. The goal is always to do the thing that will help you get back to your best state of oral health. 

You Have An Impacted Tooth

There are times when teeth might be coming in the wrong way or are prevented from even coming out at all. These are impacted teeth. Usually, this happens when you have a wisdom tooth. It can be very painful and the best option is to remove the impacted tooth. 

An impacted tooth could also lead to overcrowding (more on that in the next section) or even infected teeth. By getting rid of the impacted tooth, the dentist will be removing the thing that could be causing those other problems. 

Your dentist will use all the latest in dental technology to ensure that this is the case before they go ahead with the extraction. That way, they can make sure that they have made the correct decision.

Your Teeth Are Overcrowded

Hagerstown dentist preforming a tooth extraction You only have a limited number of space for your teeth. Usually, your teeth grow into the correct slots and you don’t encounter any issues. There are other times that it might cause problems. 

The main time that this is an issue is if you are going to have orthodontic work, like braces, done. There has to be space for the teeth to turn into the correct position and overcrowding can prevent that. So your orthodontist may remove a tooth to allow things to shift into the correct spot. Then your teeth will be able to be in a much straighter alignment thanks to the extraction.

You Have Had An Accident

You might have been fighting for a rebound in a basketball game and your opponent’s elbow might have hit your mouth. This may have damaged your tooth, cracking it to the point that there is no hope of keeping it together, even with something like a dental crown. So the dentist may elect to take out the tooth, since leaving it there might invite an infection. 

Once you have had teeth extracted and you have recovered from it, you need to move fast and have the space filled. Otherwise, you are going to have to worry about other teeth shifting in an attempt to close up that space. That can make eating and talking very difficult. So talk with your dentist about the best options there. 

Tooth extraction tends to be the last option since it means the loss of a permanent tooth. But, as you can see from the above scenarios, it is also often the best option. After that happens, you can figure out the best choice to get your great smile back. 

Are you a Hagerstown resident who might need a tooth extracted? Come see us at Hagerstown Dentist & Dentures – our staff will do a thorough exam of your mouth and then efficiently extract the tooth. They will ensure that the whole process goes smoothly from start to finish. Contact us today – at 301-200-9585. 

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