Five things to know about dental bridges in Hagerstown and Frederick, MDDo you have missing teeth and want to have that area covered up? You might want to consider dental bridges as an alternative to things like dental bridges.

Here are five things for you to know about dental bridges.

They Can Replace Up to Three Teeth

These are perfect if you’re missing up to that amount and don’t want to have to get dental implants. This is a good compromise and can help you keep your smile. If you have more missing teeth, you’ll have to talk to your dentist about other options. 

Dental Bridges Can Last Up To Several Decades

Unlike dentures, which need to be replaced roughly every seven years, dental bridges can last up to twice as long as that. While it still falls short of the 25 years that dental implants can last, it’s still a good deal for something that stays in the mouth all the time. 

Once people get dental bridges, they can largely eat and talk worry-free, which can be an enormous confidence booster.

Getting Bridges Can Preserve The Alignment of Your Mouth

If there is a gap in your mouth, then that creates the possibility that the other teeth will shift in order to try to fill the space. Missing teeth can also create a sunken-in appearance with your cheeks, which can definitely impact one’s confidence level. On the other hand, getting bridges will keep that from happening and make you much more willing to smile.  

It’s not a matter of vanity to want to have a mouth full of teeth. Doing this can literally make your life easier in.a wide variety of ways. A dental bridge may be the answer for you. 

You Will Have To Floss Differently

This is mainly if you have an implant-supported bridge. There are some types where you can brush and floss as you usually do, but with the implant-supported ones, you have to take a bit of a different tack. You would slide the floss under the bridge in between the bridge and your gums, possibly using a floss threader. Then you would carefully clean each part of the bridge.

Why do you do this? The bridge isn’t made of material that can decay, right? While that is true, things can still make your gums decay, and that is what the flossing is there for. It doesn’t take any longer than regular flossing would and can be very important to your overall oral health.

There are Several Different Types of Bridges

It depends on what your situation is and where the teeth are missing. The most traditional version is the fixed dental bridge. This option is picked by a majority of dentists. Patients also tend to like it because they do not need to be removed and cleaned each day, unlike dentures. They also make the surrounding teeth stronger and can preserve the structure of your face, which would change if the missing teeth were not filled. Getting these take a lot less time than dental implants.

Sometimes dental implants are needed, but rather than just getting a replacement crown, the implants support the bridge. Then there are options like cantilever and Maryland bridges, both of which are only used in certain circumstances and will need a lot of monitoring since they can alter the structure of the mouth.

Getting a dental bridge can be such a great thing for you. It’s usually not painful and there is a much shorter wait for the whole thing to be done. Be sure to ask your dentist about dental bridges if you are missing teeth.

Hagerstown Dentist can do dental bridges. Their staff is well-equipped and trained to make sure that the whole process goes smoothly. They also have an in-house dental lab, which can significantly cut down on the waiting time. If you have any questions, you can call them to make an appointment at either their Hagerstown office – 301-200-9585.

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