5 Things you should ask before getting dental implants in MarylandYou may have lost a tooth or some teeth. Your dentist may have told you that you should consider dental implants. It can be a big time commitment, but you also want to be prepared.

Before you actually start the whole dental implant process, here are five really good questions that you should ask at the consultation.

How Much Experience Do You Have With Implants? 

This one can feel like a really intimidating question to have to ask. After all, you’re usually the one that’s sitting in the dental chair and not the one that has degrees from various dental schools hanging on their walls. Still, you have to stand up for yourself as a patient. Implants are best done by experienced dentists who have had many cases. While it’s true that everyone has to start somewhere, do you necessarily want to be a learning case?

What Does It Cost? 

It’s true that dental implants are much more expensive up front than alternatives like dentures. It’s a lengthier process and uses much different material. That being said, you will likely have these dental implants for a much longer period of time than dentures – roughly 25 years as opposed to 7-10 years. That in of itself can quickly have them pay for themselves. Also, many dentists will work with you to offer financing options that won’t have everything become due in one lump sum. They can also explore your insurance options to see how much you may actually have to pay.

How Will I Benefit From This?

The best thing about the implant is that once the replacement tooth or teeth have been inserted is that you will feel like you have your teeth back again. There won’t be any shifting around or learning curves like you would with dentures. You can talk and eat like normal – after a short period where soft foods are most advisable – and it won’t feel like you always have to worry about the state of your mouth. Also, no nighttime soakings – you leave the dental implant in at all times. Just brush and floss like you normally do.

Why Do I Need to Replace This Missing Tooth or Teeth?

It’s OK if you just leave that gap there, right? No, it’s not like when you were a kid and could shoot water out in a stream. A new tooth was going to be coming in soon. That’s not the case with the adult tooth. Once that’s gone, there’s nothing there to naturally replace it. Also, the rest of the jaw abhors a vacuum and teeth will start to shift to try to fill the space. That can lead to many biting and talking problems, along with sunken-in cheeks. The gap has to be filled to prevent that.

Will I Need To Replace The Implant Soon?

Provided that you take good care of the dental implant, which means brushing and flossing while watching what you eat, you could conceivably have the same dental implant for 25 years. For some, that might mean the only one that they ever need. Of course, it’s important to stick to twice-yearly dental visits. The dentist has to monitor the state of your jaw and how the implant is holding. Overall, though, it can be very long-lasting.

Don’t be afraid to ask these questions. That’s what the dentist and staff are there for… to answer them before going into any procedure. It’s best to enter it with an open and calm mind. Having any doubts removed is sure to quiet your mind. So… ask away!

Ultimately, even though there is a bit of discomfort and a wait time until the implant is fully in, having years ahead of having a tooth that acts just like your normal one will be well worth it. The implants pay for themselves very quickly over that time period… and there’s no inconvenience of having to take them out like you would a denture.

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