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    Top-Rated Dental Office Near Fountainhead-Orchard Hills

    We get high ratings from our patients because of our excellent dentists and staff. They aim to make every visit a pleasant one from the very second that you walk into the door to when you leave. We pay close attention to detail and ensure that you get the smile that you deserve. You will get the highest quality dentures for your budget. This is why we consistently get high ratings on sites like Yelp! and Google Maps.

    Experienced Denture Dental Professionals Near You

    Our staff are very skilled at making any kind of dentures that you need – whether they are full, partial, or implant-supported ones, to name a few. They will ensure that they fit and are comfortable.

    Top-Rated Dental Office near Fountainhead-Orchard Hills

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    Are you a Fountainhead-Orchard resident who needs dentures? Come to My Hagerstown Dentist & Dentures to get the best dental care possible and great-fitting dentures. You will love the results.

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    Get Partial & Complete Dentures Near Fountainhead-Orchard Hills

    Partial Dentures

    These are a good option if you have natural teeth remaining and you want to keep your teeth from shifting in place. They can be made from a variety of materials. You can discuss them with the dentist before moving forward.

    Denture Implants

    While dentures can do a wonderful job of making talking easier, they can also slide around in your mouth. Implant-supported dentures can make a big difference by keeping them secured during the day before you take them out nightly.

    Soft Dentures

    There are different types of dentures. Some of them are harder and less flexible while others are made from softer material. The dentists at My Hagerstown Dentist & Dentures will be glad to discuss the matter with you.

    Flexible Dentures

    You may be a person who would benefit from having a flexible set of dentures in your mouth. That way, you won’t have to worry about the material possibly cutting your gums while you wear them.

    Get Partial and Complete Dentures Near Fountainhead-Orchard Hills

    Dental Solutions For Missing Teeth & Dental Emergencies Near You

    Fountainhead-Orchard Hills Restorative Dentistry Experts

    The goal of all the dentists at My Hagerstown Dentist & Dentures is to make sure that you get the smile that you deserve. They will thoroughly examine your mouth and discuss what options would work best for you. If you live in Fountainhead-Orchard and are in the market for dentures, then you need to make an appointment to speak to our expert staff. They will explain everything. Should you choose us, we will make the entire process smooth.

    What Our Satisfied Patients Say

    Fountainhead-Orchard Hills Denture Dentists You Can Trust

    I couldn’t have asked for better care during the entire process. My initial consult was done and within a month I had all my extractions and a new full set of dentures. Everyone that I have come into contact with in this office is caring and understanding, willing to answer questions and give suggestions as well. I would definitely recommend them to anyone needing dental care.

    Crystal K.


    Seriously the best dentist office I’ve been to. From the super sweet front desk girls to the clinic staff in the back and Dr Baqai himself. I could not ask for better care. It’s New Years Eve and I had dental work done this afternoon, I received a personal call from him making sure I was OK! Would recommend them to everyone!

    Laci F.


    I’ve experienced excellent dental services with this practice. Dr. Baqai and his staff have consistently provided me with remarkable care, and I highly recommend them to anyone in need of a dental group they can trust!

    Marianne N.


    Cost-Effective Dental Services Near Fountainhead-Orchard Hills

    Fast & Affordable Dentures Near You

    At My Hagerstown Dentist & Dentures, you will not have to wait long for your dentures to be made. We have an in-house dental lab, which significantly cuts down on waiting time. Best of all, we can work with any budget and even have financing options to ensure that you won’t have to pay a lot at once.

    Schedule A Dental Appointment Near Fountainhead-Orchard Hills

    We are glad to serve residents in the area. Come in to see us to see what kind of denture suits you.

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    Denture Procedures

    Our staff can do far more than just create dentures that fit you – we can also fix them and customize ones that will perfectly resemble your old teeth.

    Denture Relining

    Things happen to dentures and they wind up needing to be relined. That is not a problem for our highly qualified staff. We can easily do the job.

    Denture Repairs

    You try to be careful with your dentures, but they still get damaged. Not a problem. Reach out to us at My Hagerstown Dentist & Dentures and we will fix them.

    Customized Dentures

    When our staff creates these, other people may have a hard time knowing that you are wearing dentures. They look so much like your regular teeth. Smile!

    Denture Implants

    These can secure your dentures in place and offer more stability for things like eating and talking. They snap into place and are removed nightly.

    Tooth Extractions

    Sometimes things reach a state with your teeth that a tooth extraction is required. The staff at My Hagerstown Dentist & Dentures can do it quickly.

    About Our Doctor

    Dr. Shariq Baqai, DDS

    Dr. Shariq Baqai travelled much of the world during his childhood, thanks to his father’s job as a geophysicist. As a result, he went to one of the top college prep boarding schools in the world – it’s located in Leysin, Switzerland.

    He got his degree in dentistry from New York University in 2001 and then did a dental residency in Advanced Education in General Dentistry at Eastman Dental in Rochester, New York from ‘01 to ‘02.

    Following that, Dr. Baqai went on to do 200+ hours of continuing education on Implantology with Dr. Arun Garg, a professor at The University of Miami. Dr. Garg is one of the foremost people in his field and is highly sought for lectures all over the world.

    Dr. Shariq Baqai and his team

    Dr. Baqai was struck by how much diversity he saw during his travels. This also helped grow his love of languages and he can converse in a variety of them so as to keep his patients at ease, including the ones at Fountainhead-Orchard Hills.

    He is very skilled at dentures, fillings, and root canals, and he can do cosmetic dentistry, like teeth whitening.

    Fountainhead-Orchard Hills Dental Care With Flexible Payment Options

    We know that needing dentures can be a sudden expense. That is why we offer Fountainhead-Orchard Hills residents options that can lessen the cost and make things easier on their budgets. Reach out to us if you have any questions about flexible payment options.

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    Shorter term financing options of 6, 12, 18 or 24 months no interest is charged on purchases of $200 or more when you make the minimum monthly payments

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    Revolving credit lines are ideally for recurring procedures with multiple visits. Patients can be approved for credit lines up to $25.000 while promotional credit options are available to enhance affordability

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    Lending Club

    No Interest for 6, 12, 18, or 24 months. After that, purchase APR of 26.99%. Minimum purchase of $499 for 6 months, $999 for 12 months, $1,499 for 18 months, or $2,499 for 24 months

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    Learn More About Dentures & Implants By Reading Our Blog

    At My Hagerstown Dentist & Dentures, we are always trying to help our patients learn about certain dental conditions or ways to improve their oral health. We offer that learning through our blog.

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    FAQs About Our Dental Care Services

    You should see your dentist twice a year. They usually check them once a year unless you happen to notice something that happened in between visits. One thing to keep in mind is that if you use denture adhesive, that might not effectively show if the dentures would slide around in your mouth. Discuss any concerns with your dentist.
    Yes, but you need to monitor them carefully afterwards to make sure that there are no other problems, especially with dental implants. There could be gum disease underneath weakening your jawbone and that would make the chances of failure with your dental implant rise significantly. Your dentist needs to examine your mouth thoroughly.
    The most important thing is to brush them with a soft-bristled toothbrush and also use a toothpaste that has been formulated for dentures. Regular toothpaste is too abrasive and can wind up scratching them if you use it. Rinse them off between meals and brush at night. Be sure to soak them overnight in a special solution to keep them sterile.
    Yes. There is an adjustment period as you learn what side of your mouth you can chew things. It’s a good idea to start with very soft food so that you can get used to eating with the dentures. Avoid hard foods, since the dentures are not as durable as they look and you want to keep from breaking them.
    This is not a good thing, since the dentures can dry out when they are in your mouth overnight. The dentures could then become quite brittle and break very easily. They may also have bacteria on them from food particles that would then cause problems in your mouth. Be sure to brush them with a special toothpaste and soak them in a special solution overnight to keep them moist and sterile.
    It depends on your circumstances and your budget. You do want to keep your remaining teeth from shifting and causing problems with speaking and chewing. You might want to replace some with dental implants and others with dentures. Your dentist can give you the best suggestions for what would work best for you.

    Restore Your Smile & Start With A Free Consultation Today!

    You may not like how your smile looks right now, but we can help you at My Hagerstown Dentist & Dentures. Come in today for a free consultation where we can discuss the state of your teeth and your overall oral health. You can tell us how you envision your ultimate smile and we will help you to realize that vision.

    There are many different options. The first one is dentures. We take careful measurements and we can create the best set for you that will allow you to chew and talk again. You won’t feel self conscious about smiling around people, and we can create the dentures to match your natural teeth. It will improve many aspects of your life.

    Restore Your Smile & Start With A Free Consultation Today

    Another option is a dental implant, whether it’s a single tooth or a full row. These are stable and act like natural teeth once everything is put into place. Unlike dentures, they do not need to be removed and soaked nightly. You brush and floss them just like your regular teeth. They are durable and last a very long time – sometimes for a lifetime.

    We have experts that can guide you and tell you exactly what you need to get your teeth looking great. They will carefully consider everything and offer you the best solution for your situation… and your budget. There are financing options available if you need them. Make an appointment to see us today!

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