Common Denture Issues & How To Handle Them

You have elected to get dentures from your Maryland dentist, either full or partial ones. If this is your first time doing it, you can expect to have a learning curve when it comes to using them to speak, smile, or chew on food. It’s a brand new thing in your mouth and you will have to adjust to this.

Not to worry. Many people have done this. We have helped them and now we are here to help you learn about what you can expect about the whole process of

Getting dentures for the first time in Maryland

getting dentures. Here are some things to expect and how to handle any possible issues.

Your Mouth May Hurt Some

This can happen especially when you have teeth pulled first. There will be healing and it may take a while to fully heal.

In the meantime, you might find that your gums get irritated or that there are sore spots in your mouth. This should all be temporary, though. The times that you should be concerned is if there is bleeding or the pain gets sharper. That could mean that the dentures are cutting into your gums.

You May Produce More Saliva Than Usual At First

When you put in your new dentures, your mouth may think that you have food in it. That means that it might raise the levels of saliva. So you will likely have to wipe your mouth a bit more often than usual at first. Once it recognizes the dentures, then that should stop. If you are afraid that this is something that would embarrass you, then you can eat at home until your mouth no longer does this.

You May Have Trouble Pronouncing Things

The dentures will not feel like your natural teeth when you first wear them. You have to learn how to hold them in your mouth. It takes some time and practice, but when you do, it will become second nature to you. Then you will feel comfortable talking around people again. Just spend time working on it and the results will be well worth the effort that you put into it. Talk slowly at first. That will help you become familiar with them.

You Should Eat Soft Food First

This is the best way to learn how to chew your food with your new dentures. You can figure out how to bite without putting too much pressure on your gums and teeth. Hard food might be less forgiving there. Also, you should cut your food into small pieces. This ensures that your dentures won’t be biting through the food. Sticky food is not good, since they could get stuck on your dentures and wind up pulling them out.

You Need to See Your Dentist Regularly

Getting dentures for the first time in Maryland

Getting dentures, especially a full set, does not mean that you can just stop going to the dentist. They need to monitor how the dentures are fitting and make any changes. They also need to ensure that no gum disease or infection is occurring under the dentures. Also, they will have to reline or refit them if something happens. So see your dentist regularly.

When it comes to your dentures, you need to know that there will be some discomfort. that is to be expected, but it should go away relatively quickly. If it lingers or if it continues or it gets worse over the course of a few days, do not try to just wait for it to improve. That could lead to an infection and cause other problems in your mouth or even your body if other bacteria gets into your bloodstream. This is a situation that calls for immediate dental attention.

Ultimately, if you do all of the above things, you should have a pretty easy time of it when it comes to adjusting to wearing your dentures. Most of the time it takes about a month. Then you have to just make sure that you take care of them by being careful taking them in and out of your mouth and brushing them after eating – use toothpaste that has been specifically formulated for dentures. Regular toothpaste can be abrasive. Also, soak your dentures overnight in a special solution That will keep them from drying out and also keep them sterile.

The staff at Hagerstown Dentist & Dentures are more than ready to help you get used to your new dentures. They will gladly answer any questions and also do everything they can to ensure that the process of getting dentures is an easy one for you. Contact me today by phone to make an appointment at 301-200-9585.


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