Acadia Hagerstown Dentures - Hagerstown Dentist You live your life in Clarksburg, Maryland, going through one of the four schools in the area, from elementary to high school, and then you go out into the world to find employment. Over that time, you may meet someone, marry, and then continue to live out life as an adult. While you think you can take care of your teeth, things happen.

Clarksburg would not be considered huge when compared to, say, Baltimore, but it wouldn’t be called a tiny town either, with a population that approaches 15,000 people. It’s a little over 8 miles total, with the vast majority of it being land and about two percent of it being water.

The main attractions of Clarksburg are the parks and farms. Tourists like to go to both areas to get away from city life and see what nature is like. Some of the farms are public while others are private. There is also a new shopping complex that has 90 stores, which helps raise the employment numbers.

Either through things like gum disease or just as part of the aging process, you may find yourself needing dentures. You may find yourself asking questions about the entire process .


First of all, your dentist may need to extract teeth to make room for the dentures. Then they may need to clean out the area to make sure that there is no bacteria that can lurk under the dentures and wreak havoc on your jaw area.

The Mold

Your dentist will take a mold of your mouth so that they can make the dentures. It should go without saying, but you need to stay very still and not move your jaws at all. Otherwise, you may not get a proper fit. That can cause more discomfort and ultimately cost you time and money as you will need to get a new mold made. In the interim, you will probably get some filler dentures, but with many dental offices making the dentures in their own offices, that waiting period should be a lot less than in past years.


It’s very important that you monitor how your dentures feel in your mouth. There may be some initial discomfort – after all, you’re introducing something new in that space. Still, you will have to differentiate between that and actual pain, since having ill-fitting dentures can cause a lot of problems down the road, including possible infection if it’s cutting into the surrounding gum area. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask your dentist. That’s what they are there for – it’s better to have it looked at rather than trying to gut through it and wind up far worse for the wear.

Also, you will have to clean and soak your dentures overnight every single day. To ignore this is to invite bacteria that can cause you a lot of grief down the road. You will need to be thorough in the cleaning – a mere few swipes of the toothbrush will not be sufficient, you will have to take diligent care with the brush to make sure that you get the dentures clean each time.

If you need dentures, Hagerstown Dentist is the answer. They have an in-house dental lab that can greatly reduce the waiting time for you.