How Can A Dentist Fix A Broken Tooth - Hagerstown Dentist There are many ways a tooth can break.  Believe it or not, but nearly all adults have broken or chipped a tooth at some point throughout their lifetime.  Although this may seem like a tragic emergency at the time, it’s important to remain calm and follow proper steps to have it fixed.
  • Call The Experts

How can a dentist fix a broken tooth? – The very first step is to call your dentist and schedule an emergency appointment.  No matter how big or small, it is important to have your dentist evaluate the tooth and surrounding structures, determine the damage and come up with a treatment plan.  In most cases, the tooth can be fixed, often temporarily, during that first visit.  It is quite important to determine the cause of the chip or break.  In some cases, teeth may break due to an injury (often a sports injury where someone falls or hits their tooth on a hard object, such as baseball).  In other cases, breakage of the tooth enamel can be due to weakening, or disease of the gums.  Other patients may have an underlying illness which can cause the teeth to weaken and even break, such as autoimmune disease or diabetes.
  • Types Of Tooth Fractures

How can a dentist fix a broken tooth? – There are plenty of ways in which teeth can break. First, there is a simple cracked tooth, or a vertical tooth fracture, which is normally defines as a large break which goes from the surface of the tooth which is used to chew all the way to the gum line.  For certain patients, lines, referred to as ‘craze lines’, are noticeable, which are tiny cracks which are very superficial and only prevalent on the outermost layer or enamel.  A fractured cusp is another common break, where the piece of tooth which is used to chew completely breaks off.  Although there are not many nerves present in this area, so this tends to be less painful, it can often be unsightly.
  • Will My Teeth Ever Look The Same Again?

Yes, no matter what type of break you have suffered, your dentist will easily restore your teeth to look great and natural again!  The most simple procedure performed for cracked teeth is referred to as composite bonding.  This bonding is very durable and can last beyond ten years, with little to no maintenance, it is simply a soft material which is applied and molded to the area of interest, then hardened using a special UV light.
Veneers are another option.  They are a bit more involved, as they completely cover the entire tooth structure.  Porcelain veneers are often used because they look most natural and are easier to match to the natural color and texture of the surrounding teeth.
If you experience any sort of pain or sensitivity after the injury to your tooth, a crown may be the best option.  Crowns go over the natural tooth and sit on top like a cap and are also made of natural-looking porcelain.  Cement is used to secure them in place and they too are as durable as natural teeth.
In some cases, the crack in the tooth, or teeth, may be so severe that the injury goes beyond the gums.  In this case, the natural tooth can no longer be saved and will likely need to be completely extracted.  Once the tooth has been removed, a dental implant will be placed.  Modern dental implants look and feel identical to natural teeth.