how do same day dentures work - acadia dental When we think of almost any dental procedure, we often associate this with pain, discomfort and timely healing process.  However, with Hagerstown Dentist, this doesn’t have to be the case when it comes to dentures.  There is a new dental process in place which is referred to by dentists and patients alike as “same day dentures” or “immediate dentures.”

Why So Quick?

The typical denture placement process takes several visits.  This includes an initial evaluation, taking impressions, ordering the dentures from the manufacturer or dental lab and finally having them placed and custom fit to your mouth.  However, Acadia has this process down to just a few simple steps.  They can place either complete or partial in just one to two visits

Great Impressions

When a denture must be placed, one of the first steps is to have your dentist remove what is left of the natural tooth.  Dentures are often placed due to tooth decay, so removing this to avoid harming the surrounding enamel and structures is vital.  However, with the removal of natural teeth, comes an aesthetic component.  No matter what age the patient is, nobody wants to face the public, or their friends and family with missing teeth.  Additionally, leaving gaps in the mouth may not be ideal for speech and food chewing and consumption .

No Interruptions

The dental professionals and doctors at Acadia want to ensure that there are no interruptions to your everyday life, just because you are having dentures placed.  This is why they have taken years to perfect this process and offer same day temporary dentures to be placed while your permanent dentures are being made to match your natural tooth enamel.  The final denture will match the immediate denture and will give you the time you need to allow yourself to get used to wearing dentures, as this is a new foreign object which will become a part of your function and appearance for years.  If you find any areas to be uncomfortable, the dentists at Acadia can fix this both on your temporary set of dentures and on the final product .