Why Should I See A Dental Hygienist - Hagerstown Dentist When we think of denture placement, many of us may imagine a long and tedious process which requires quite a bit of time.  At Acadia dental, we understand how precious and valuable your time is.  That is why we offer a service unlike many other dental practices: same day dentures.  This is an expedited denture placement process which has been modified to fit our patients’ busy schedules.

Immediate Dentures

In some cases, dentures must be placed because of a missed, broken or cracked tooth.  In others, dentures are needed due to a deficiency in the nerve root, enamel or surrounding structures.  However, in both cases, we understand that the patient is suffering from either pain or from an aesthetic perspective.  Same day dentures are split up into two components.  First, the patient comes in for a full comprehensive evaluation in which the dentist identifies exactly which teeth need to be replaced.  Then, an impression is taken and sent to the lab with a “stat” order. This is a same day service which contracted dental laboratories offer.  The turnaround time is usually less than one business day, so the patient can come back later in the afternoon or evening for the dentures to be placed and custom fit .

Special Considerations

Many people are great candidates for same day dentures, however there are a few factors to consider prior to your appointment.  First, if you are taking any medications, especially those prescribed for cardiac conditions or blood thinners, it is important to disclose that your dentist at the very beginning of the appointment.  Many dental procedures require patients to have medical clearance from their physician or cardiologist, as stopping the medication for a brief period of time may be required to avoid excessive bleeding and prevent contraindications.  Next, it is important to try to make the very first appointment of the day, to allow for time for the lab to mold the dentures from the mold impressions which are taken.  Lastly, it is important to take your time to evaluate the dentures after they are placed and make the dentist aware of any areas in which you feel or see any discomfort.  Adjustments to the fit can be made in most cases, so that you can properly speak, chew and smile !

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