Get Dentures After Teeth Are Pulled - Hagerstown Dentist Is it time for you to get a tooth or several extracted? There may be a variety of reasons for this, ranging from periodontal disease to injury, but ultimately, it’s gone from being something that you can wait for to a necessity You’ve discussed this with your dentist or dental specialist and you’ve decided that you want to get dentures. The first question that likely pops to your mind is: How long do you have to wait to get dentures after teeth are pulled? Could it be done immediately afterwards? A day? A week? Longer? Read on and find out.

What Happens First?

First of all…. make no mistake about it – tooth extraction is no some simple surgery where a tooth is pulled out like a small Lego from a larger block. It takes skill and patience, and there is often bleeding and swelling afterwards. Trying to get your dentures fit after that would make for looser ones, since the surrounding jaw area will shrink since there are no natural teeth in the sockets there, so that is something that your dental specialist will have to monitor as the time goes by. You’re also going to need to have a tooth-cleaning beforehand if it’s been six months or longer since the last time you had them cleaned. The reason for that is that the partial denture will be hooked to the teeth that you still have and they need to be in good shape. It may seem like a headache, but you’ll find that the dentist will insist on it, since it will prevent any problems down the road.

After the Extraction?

How long will your post-extraction wait be? Generally, the rule of thumb is about 6-8 weeks post tooth extraction. Everyone is different, though. Some may have to wait a lot longer, but that seems to be the ballpark range.  Before anything happens, you’ll likely consult with the dentist or specialist a day or so before the extraction and go through a check-up and go over all the options and possibilities. As far as post-extraction goes, you’ll get some replacement or immediate dentures  – though it depends on what kind of dentures you ultimately want – you may want to make those immediate dentures the permanent ones or you may want a custom-fitted pair. The immediate ones will likely have to be relined as your jaw changes in the absence of those natural teeth.

What About Much Later?

You also have the option of having implants so that the dentures are stable. Those dentures will be attached once the jaw heals from the implants and will be permanent dentures . If you do that, expect to wait about four to six months since that’s the amount of time for the healing. Once again, your dentist or specialist can help you decide what will be best.

When it comes to dentures, the staff at Hagerstown Dentist Hagerstown will have them ready for you very quickly, thanks to their in-house dental lab. That saves a LOT of waiting time – well, a lot more waiting time once you’ve gone through the healing process for the teeth extraction.