Dental Implants Can Be Kept White - Hagerstown Dentist Dental implants are becoming more and more mainstream as the technology keeps improving. The implants are permanent once they are inserted onto the screw which was placed in the jaw bone and allowed to fuse with the bone mass. That means that they aren’t removed nightly like dentures – which means you won’t have to soak them overnight in a solution to keep them bacteria-free. They can look perfectly white when they are first added but can change color over time if not attended to properly. The question is – how do I keep my dental implants looking white?

The first thing you should do is what you should be incorporating into your daily routine anyway: Brushing your teeth. You brush the implants very close to the same way that you do your regular teeth. There are certain types of toothpaste to avoid though – don’t use ones with baking soda, stain removers, and smoker’s toothpaste. Use those and you’ll be able to keep the dental implants looking white. Use a toothbrush, whether manual, sonic or electric – with soft bristles – you don’t want anything that will be rough on the surface of your implants. Don’t brush too hard, either, since that can damage the surface of the implants. Be diligent with your brushing, for at least two minutes, twice a day. That way you can ensure that you have done a proper job of brushing not only your natural teeth but your dental implants as well.

It’s important that you maintain a dedicated routine to brushing your teeth and flossing -either using dental tape or a water flosser, since plaque build-up around the implant area can be a lot worse than if it happens with natural teeth. Depending on what type of implant you have, you may use a floss threader. Infection can rapidly set in and cause a lot of bone loss very quickly.

Another thing you can do is watch what you eat or drink, just like you would with your natural teeth. There are foods and beverages that can leave stains over periods of time, especially if they are part of your regular routine. Avoiding those or having them in moderation or just in spots can go a long way toward preventing your dental implant from losing its white shine.

Since the implants are made of porcelain, they are nearly impossible to whiten once inserted – though you can have them whitened before they are put in.

When you have your dental implant done, you will get post-implant instructions as well as likely getting overall care after the healing is complete. It’s very important that you follow them – the staff will do everything they can to make sure that the actual implant goes smoothly, but it is up to you to ensure that you make sure to do what you’re told afterwards, otherwise you may find yourself dealing with complications.

Hagerstown Dentist has the expertise to make sure that you get the best dental implants possible. They also have an in-house dental lab to make the entire process go quicker.