How To Recover From Oral Surgery - Hagerstown Dentist Rest is important

Make sure no blood clots are loosened

Ice can help reduce swelling of the site

Whether it’s a wisdom tooth extraction or the setting up of one’s mouth for either dentures or dental implants, there’s a bit of a recovery time afterwards to allow for healing. Sometimes there can be mild discomfort and the swift resumption of everyday life or it can leave one feeling like they were on the losing end of a heavyweight boxing match.

Either way, there are some things for these patients to do to help them maximize their recovery after oral surgery.


The most important thing one can do afterwards is rest. Doing this will aid the recuperation process tremendously, since the body has to heal. Surgery is trauma, after all. Rushing back to everyday life can cause a setback like more pain or even an infection. Then that could wind up requiring more work… and more recuperating. Patients should make sure they do it right the first time.

Follow Instructions

These need to be followed to the letter. They were written by people who have performed countless procedures and they know exactly what will and what won’t work. It may seem like a common-sense thing, but just like with prescriptions, patients start feeling better and think that they can do their own thing. Doing that can have bad consequences like relapse or an even worse infection.

Watch the Bleeding

Once the surgery is over, there is still some residual bleeding to be expected. That can last a day or so, but if it continues for longer, then it would be good to consult the dentist or specialist to see if there are any complications that need to be addressed.

Other things one can do is ice the area, take painkillers, and make sure that the clot doesn’t fall out (no using things like straws for drinks for a while or smoking cigarettes), which could result in things like dry socket. Rinsing with salt water several times a day can also help keep the surgical area clean and free of bacteria. Besides the ice, elevating their head can help reduce swelling as well.

The staff at Hagerstown Dentist will make sure that any surgery,  like tooth extraction, goes smoothly. Afterwards, their in-house dental lab will ensure that dentures, if they are needed, will be made quickly with minimal waiting time.