How to whiten your teeth at Hagerstown Dentist in MarylandGetting whiter teeth is far from being a matter of vanity. It can bolster one’s confidence and make them more open to smiling, which can then greatly help things like their work and romantic life. This could be money quite well spent.

The best thing of all, as dental technology continues to improve in leaps and bounds, is that the items available to do this are quite affordable. They can be easily found in local drug stores or online.

Here are some of the ways that one can whiten their teeth, whether in the comfort of your own home or at the dentist’s office.

Toothpaste and Mouthwash

These two usually go together in one’s oral health routine. People just replace their usual toothpaste and mouthwash with these and spend the same amount of time brushing and rinsing like they normally would – they have the ingredients to fight cavities and gum disease, too. Just with a cosmetic kick to it. They are in the usual dental care aisle.

All of the things listed here have one primary ingredient – hydrogen peroxide. They just have differing levels of it. The peroxide acts as an agent to make the teeth whiter. The toothpaste and the mouthwash have the lowest level out of all of them. They also spend the least amount of time on the tooth’s surface, since they get rinsed off fairly quickly. That’s why these are considered by people who gradually want to improve the shade of their teeth.

Whitening Strips

Here is an option for people who want to get quicker results but still have a window of time they want to work with. These strips cover the teeth and are worn for a certain amount of time before they are taken off. After doing this for a number of weeks, the results become quite noticeable – they are not as fast as commercials may make them seem… note the fine print in the lower corner noting how much time had elapsed.

The strips are a bit faster than the toothpaste since they have more peroxide in them and also stay on the teeth considerably longer than the toothpaste or the mouthwash. It can still take a bit of time to achieve the results, though.

These are also more expensive than the toothpaste and mouthwash. People can either buy them at their local pharmacy or online – they are widely available and a lot of the brands that make the toothpaste also make these.

Professional Whitening

One can have their teeth whitened at the dentist. There are a couple of ways that this can be achieved. One is right there in the office and the other can be done at home.

  • In-Office: This option usually involves using a gel with a high amount of peroxide – typically around 25%. The patient may see results within the first application. This is the most expensive of them all due to the immediacy.
  • At-Home: The dentist will fill a series of mouthguards, also called trays, with a customized solution tailored toward what the patient wants. The trays are worn for a predetermined amount of time and then stopped when the desired level has been reached. This is also more expensive due to the strength of the solution in the trays.

There is an option for everyone for whatever timetable they may have to achieve their level of white teeth. They should only use ADA-approved methods, though. Others alternative methods may prove harmful to the state of their mouths and may necessitate emergency dental work, which may prove quite expensive.

The residents of Hagerstown can rest assured that the staff at Hagerstown Dentist are highly skilled at whitening teeth. They will be glad to discuss this at a future appointment – call 301-200-9585 to set that up.