Mistakes people make with Dental implants at Frederick and Hagerstown, MDPeople choose dental implants for many reasons. They tend to last longer than dentures and do not need to be removed nightly. But they also need to know exactly what they are doing before possibly damaging their new investment or their own health.

These are just some of the mistakes that people make with dental implants

Not Allowing Enough Recovery Time

This can be a hard one, especially for those who have waited a significant amount of time for the implant to first fuse with the bone mass of their jaw and then having the cap put on. It’s anchored on there, right? Nothing to worry about! No, not exactly. There’s still the need to wait for things to settle down. 

While there is a significantly shorter learning curve than something like dentures, there is still time needed to allow the area to heal and for everything to settle. This includes doing things like brushing one’s teeth too hard or drinking beverages that are too hot or too cold. Being patient for a bit can lead to a smoother adjustment. Not doing that will result in an even longer wait and possibly even more work.

Eating Excessive Hard Food 

It can be quite tempting to just go back to eating the same things that one did before they had the implant done. The wait before the implant is finished can seem interminable. While people can eat a lot of what they did before, there needs to be some caution, otherwise things can happen. Things that can cause damage down the road.

Yes, the implants are durable, lasting up to 25 years… with proper care. That last part is key. Don’t do things like constantly chew hard candy or crunch ice cubes or bite on pens or pen caps. That can erode their strength and make them susceptible to cracking or breaking… which will then necessitate a brand new implant. There are plenty of things that can be eaten without worrying about any long term effects. 

Not Brushing or Flossing Enough

The implant is there to act like a natural tooth. That doesn’t mean that it can be ignored. Things can still happen under the gum line if one doesn’t properly brush and floss. Since there is no actual root there, the warning signs of pain may not be there before things progress too far. 

Neglecting to do these can be very dangerous. The implant is there to replace a missing tooth or teeth and an infection can set in again, causing a lot of problems. One went through a pretty lengthy process to even get the implant and it can get undone pretty quickly. Just spend four minutes each day brushing and flossing, being sure to get the area of the implant.  Doing that day in and day out can only improve one’s oral hygiene.

Other things they need to look out for are jumping at a deal that is too good to be true since the implants will likely be poor quality. They also need to research how many implants the dentist has done – it’s always best to choose one that is both board-certified in implantology and experienced in doing them. 

See the dentist at least twice a year – that way he or she can closely monitor how the implant is holding and whether the bone mass in the jaw has not shrunk to the point that it can’t stay integrated with the implant. Staying away from the dentist is also something that should not be done. This is an investment that should be protected, not ignored.

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