Mistakes people make with teeth whitening near Hagerstown, MDYou look in the mirror and are tired of what you see when you open your mouth – teeth that are not as white as you would like to be. Well, there’s good news… you can fix that pretty easily in the comfort of your own home. The teeth-whitening equipment out there is fairly inexpensive and can net you some really good results in a fairly short amount of time.

That is, if you do them properly. If not, you could wind up with teeth that are too sensitive… though you won’t end up like Ross Geller on “Friends” with teeth that actually glow in the dark. That was a television show.

Still. You need to be careful. Learn from these mistakes that people make when whitening their teeth.

Not Talking With Their Dentist First

Like almost everything else in life, communication is key. It’s best to not charge headlong into this tooth whitening scenario without talking it over with your dentist about what would work for you. They could see what your timetable is and make suggestions as to what might work. Like if you have several months until a big event – like a class reunion or a wedding, then they might suggest whitening toothpaste and mouthwash. They can also make sure no cavities are lurking to keep you from getting the whitest teeth possible.

Also, seeing the dentist could keep you from making any potential mistakes, they know what is worth buying on the market and what to look out for. Of course, the rule of thumb is that if the promises on the outside of the box look too good to be true, then it probably is. Do your research on these items before plunking down your cash or credit card. You can save yourself time and trouble… and money.

Bleaching Before Trying Natural Methods

You don’t have to rush out to get white teeth through bleach – that can wind up being very rough on teeth. When you’re at the dentist, ask about natural ways of doing it. Part of it can just be done by making sure that you properly brush your teeth and floss. That can help remove stains and also particles that are between your teeth that can contribute to staining.

The food and beverages that you have can also play a big part in whether your teeth look good or not. Yes, coffee and red wine can leave stains on them – but you don’t have to quit them completely. Just enjoy them in moderation and again, just brush your teeth and floss while seeing your dentist twice a year. Also, rinse your mouth out with water. That can help.

Not Following Instructions

Mistakes people make with teeth whitening near Frederick, MDIf you do decide to go the toothpaste and mouthwash route or get whitening strips, follow the instructions closely. They have been tested and they know what amount of time is needed for them to achieve the maximum results within their parameters. Do not make the mistake of thinking that doubling down on the amount of usage will net faster results.

The fictional Geller’s situation would fall under this umbrella. On the show, he left them in WAY too long and his teeth took on an unnatural shade of white. It got to the point that his friends couldn’t look at him. Also, even with regular usage, people can get irritation of the gums and teeth and there may even be some sensitivity. Just follow what you’re told to do and if it gets irritate, stop.

People get darker teeth for a variety of reasons. It could be from the beverages that you drink or some food that you eat. It’s also part of the aging process. Teeth get darker the older that you get, It used to be something that they were consigned to just accept. Now there are these products.

It’s a wonderful feeling to have a mouthful of teeth that are in great shape and white. Getting them need not be ridiculously hard. Just don’t try to take shortcuts – unless you do wind up going to a dentist’s office and having them do the whitening with their extra-strength gel. That’s the only time that you can cut the wait down by a lot.

This is not an exhaustive list of the do’s and don’ts of tooth whitening – but this information here should give you a very solid base in terms of successfully getting that white smile that you wanted.

You can avoid making these mistakes by going to Hagerstown Dentist. They have two locations – Hagerstown (301-200-9585). The staff will walk you through the whole process and you will wind up with a mouthful of nice white teeth that you can be proud to show off with a smile. Call them to make an appointment today!

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