My Denture Broke How Can I Fix it - Hagerstown Dentist How can I fix my denture if it broke?

It’s time to get even more guarded with your dentures. Times are tough and wallets are getting even tighter. You can scarcely afford to have a disaster happen… and yet it does. You can have been carrying them to either brush them or soak them and let your attention wander and… oops. Or you could be eating food and take a bite of a type of food that you have eaten all the time with dentures… and yet this time, there is a crunch in your mouth and you aren’t eating chips. Then you feel something small moving around your mouth. A denture tooth.

What’s next? It can feel like a very frightening situation. After all, you need these dentures in your mouth to be able to talk and eat. You don’t want them out for an extended amount of time, especially if they are partial ones – otherwise your other teeth could shift and cause problems with biting and talking.

Are there ways that you can temporarily fix them and prevent a costly visit to the dentist for a repair?  Yes. But remember, the key word here is “temporarily.”

Here are some ways you can repair broken dentures.

Super Glue A Tooth Back In

Dig around your place. You may have a great option for fixing the denture in a drawer or toolbox. Yes. Super Glue or some similar strong adhesive. While it may seem obvious, this post still needs to remind you to not do this with the denture in your mouth. Wash it and thoroughly pat it dry. Open the top of the SuperGlue and apply it to the area where the tooth is. Don’t put too much. Then put the missing tooth in the same spot and hold it there for a few seconds to let the glue bond with your tooth. Do not let it get on your skin – otherwise things can literally start getting sticky.

This is only a temporary fix. The Superglue is not something that should be used for the long term, but if the breakage happens on a Saturday or a Sunday, that may be able to tide you over until you are able to go in on Monday to get a full repair. Remember, this is for short-term convenience.

Denture Repair Kit For Missing Tooth

This one may be more of a time to prepare ahead for, especially with how difficult outdoor shopping may be. Pharmacies are limiting the amount of customers that can come in at a time. Don’t worry – a lot of things are sold online and while you think that you won’t have anything happen, these kits, which can be found for prices ranging from $9.99 to $25 on places like Amazon, can be a great way to be proactive and also be ready for an emergency. Thinking in advance can save you a lot of aggravation.

While these kits, which can be stronger than SuperGlue, are good in a pinch, they are also a temporary fix.  Also, do NOT try to use them to repair a cracked denture, no matter what the outside of the box says. That requires professional repair.

Forget About DIY For Cracked Dentures

Are the dentures on the floor in two pieces like someone decided they were a chicken wishbone and pulled? Don’t try to superglue or use a dental repair kit for this one. Why? When the dentures were made, they were specifically designed to fit your mouth. As good as you think you may be at putting pieces together with glue – hey, Mom really knew that you put her mug back together and sanded it – even a slight misalignment can be bad. So take it to the dentist and have them make the repairs or the replacement.

Yes, things can seem scary when you see a broken denture. But life can go on for a bit while you make the temporary fix. It’s just a matter of staying calm and having the right items in front of you. A little preparation can go a long way.

When it comes to broken dentures, the staff at Hagerstown Dentist are pros at fixing it and getting you back your dentures. They would be the professionals to see if you live in the area. Give them a call at either their Hagerstown office – 301-200-9585 – or their Frederick one – 301-662-1760 – to make an appointment.

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