Proper Care for your Dental Implants in MarylandYou’ve decided to go ahead and get dental implants. They last much longer than dentures and do not require additional care like removing them nightly and soaking them overnight. The implants are anchored in your mouth and act just like your normal tooth or teeth (if you decide to get a row of teeth as an implant) would.

That doesn’t mean that you are off the hook when it comes to caring for them. There are still things you need to do to ensure that they do wind up being as long-lived as you have heard. The best thing? You have to make very minimal changes to your day-to-day routine and it doesn’t cost very much to replace one or two items with something else.

Here are some of the ways to make sure that you do follow proper care for your dental implant.

Use The Right Equipment

First of all, look at your toothbrush. What are the bristles like? When you get a dental implant, you’re going to want to use a soft nylon brush. Those bristles are gentle and can work with your implant without scraping it. Your dental implants are not as hardy as your regular teeth and need to be treated as such. Don’t use any metal instruments around your mouth – even hygienists will use a different type of pick to clean around the implant.

Next, you have to use toothpaste that is formulated for dental implants. Regular toothpaste can be too abrasive. But you need to brush – since the implants can have food get stuck between it and that would become a breeding ground for bacteria. So keep up your daily brushing routine of at least two minutes each time twice a day. Otherwise you risk more dental work.

Brushing is not the only thing you need to do – flossing has to become a regular thing too. That way you can ensure that you get every last bit of food or plaque that is in your mouth. Don’t be too aggressive with the flossing. Just make sure that you use a floss that is made for dental implants. It’s an important part of your routine and will help you have great dental visits.

Watch What You Eat

While it is true that getting dental Implants is very close to getting a new tooth, you don’t have the entire same menu that you had prior to the implants. Yes, you can eat a lot more things than you would if you had dentures, but there are still some items that are off-limits, otherwise you risk having to go back to the dentist for an emergency visit.

The good thing is that it’s a good idea to avoid eating most of these foods in the first place. You shouldn’t chew on ice in the first place, caramel can stick to any tooth, dried fruit and hard candies can also be tough on the teeth. OK, losing potato chips might hurt a bit, but there are plenty of other substitutes out there. You can replace apples and carrots with other fruits and vegetables.

Avoid These Harmful Habits

Proper Care for your Dental Implants in MarylandIf you want to have the best-looking dental implants that also stay firmly in your mouth, it’s a good idea to stop smoking and drinking alcohol. Avoiding these can help a lot more than just your teeth. The main reason for stopping these habits is that they can impede the healing process when waiting for the screw to fuse with the jawbone. That will add extra time.

Smoking is not the only bad thing – drinking alcohol can also slow down the healing process. In order to give yourself the best chance to ensure that everything fits, then you need to do the healthiest things possible. Nicotine and beer or wine should be off your list. Your whole body will thank you for doing that and you can possibly add years to your life, as well.

When you get dental implants, you are getting something that can last a long time. The operative word is “can” – just follow the above steps and you will be well on your way to being able to enjoy them for up to 25 years. Of course, the fact that you have them does not mean you can start skipping going to the dentist. You still need to take care of your remaining teeth and the dentist will have to check on how the implant is doing.

If you live in the Hagerstown area, you are in luck – there are Hagerstown Dentist offices in both. The staff can help you throughout the whole dental implant process and ensure that you have the best fit. Give them a call at 301-200-9585 to make an appointment today!

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