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When searching for any medical professional, there are two major factors which everyone must consider:
  • Quality of care
  • Convenience factor

Hagerstown Dentist proudly offers both to the people of Hagerstown, Maryland. Hagerstown has such a rich American history and the Acadia team feels strongly about keeping the community prospering and flourishing. One of the ways to help people join together is by improving their smiles! Visit our dental clinic in Hagerstown if you live or work in Hagerstown, MD.

Convenience & Quality - Hagerstown Dentist Way back in 1762, the town was founded by Jonathan Hager, who had many talents.  Jonathan was a well known politician in the community, a gunsmith, a fur trader and even a farmer. He quickly saw the great value of Hagerstown, when he decided to grow his fortune by taking over 10,000 acres of local land. He later used this land to expand Hagerstown and build the foundation for this quaint community.

Hagerstown quickly became a central trading route for North and South America (now known as Route 11 and Route 40). Once the railroad was introduced to this area, this made a great impact on business as well. The town was quickly nicknamed the “hub city” because of it’s easy accessibility.

Although modern day Hagerstown has been improved and is much more high tech than it was back in the 1700’s, there are still many historical elements which are still intact.  For example, Hagerstown remains a central hub city, because of it’s location between I-70 and I-81. It is easy for commuters and residents to access both Baltimore and the D.C. neighborhoods and cities.

Many people consider Hagerstown one of the central areas of Maryland. Due to this convenience factor, Hagerstown Dentist Clinic is proud to call Hagerstown home for many years now. They offer world class dentistry, right in the central hub! Whether you need a simple checkup and cleaning or an evaluation for a dental procedure (implants, root canals, dentures, tooth fractures, etc.) Acadia is here for you!

Start the new year in the city where it all started, with a fresh bright smile from Hagerstown Dentist of Hagerstown Maryland!
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