Convenience & Quality - Hagerstown Dentist There are many patients who are candidates for dental crowns.  In some cases, these patients have a damaged tooth (or teeth) which is beyond repair.  This can happen from an underlying medical condition, nerve root damage or because an abundance of decay has formed.

No matter the reason, the dental crown will be placed over the compromised tooth in order to protect further damage and preserve the natural appearance of your mouth.  This will also prevent the other teeth from shifting out of place (which can often cause orthodontic problems) and that will also preserve your bite (occlusion).  Even one damaged tooth can cause an over or under-bite, making speech and digestion challenging and even painful.

Help, My Tooth Is Broken!

Although many patients tend to panic at the sight of a broken tooth, a crown is actually a very easy, nearly painless fix!  Just call your dentist right away and they will get you in for a crown consultation appointment as soon as possible.  In some cases, even if the tooth has not completely fractured, it may be severely weakened, which would also be a proper reason for crown placement.

Your dentist will begin by filing down the tooth, so that there are no sharp edges or surfaces.  Once this is complete, impressions will be taken and sent to a dental laboratory, so that your custom crown can be made from the mold.  At the end of the visit, your dentist will place a temporary crown over the post.  At your final visit, the permanent crown will be fitted and placed and your natural smile will be completely restored (or even look better)!

Cosmetic Crowns

Many patients who have not undergone an injury or trauma to the teeth or mouth choose to have crowns placed for cosmetic purposes.  Modern day crowns are usually made from porcelain or ceramic, to match the color and texture of authentic tooth enamel.  Some patients who have discoloration of the teeth have crowns placed to restore those pearly whites!  Others may have teeth which have undergone severe plaque buildup, which led to tooth decay.  They may experience pain in their teeth, in addition to their compromised appearance.  Others may feel sensitivity in their teeth due to weakness and choose to have crowns placed for both cosmetic reasons and functionality.  After all, your smile, digestion and speech can make or break your overall quality of life!