Should I remove my dentures at night - Hagerstown Dentist Dentures have become increasingly popular for patients of all ages. Whether you have just had your partial or full dentures placed, there could still be lots of questions which you may have. You may be wondering how to properly clean your dentures, how to store them and when they can and cannot be worn. Thankfully, dentures require fairly low maintenance and they are easy to care for.

Proper Storage

There are several reasons why dentures should be removed from the mouth every night. First, this gives you an opportunity to thoroughly brush and clean your teeth, gums and tongue. Next, this allows the dentures to keep their shape. While they are soaking in denture solution (diluted with water), they are being protected from deteriorating and their mold and shape and being preserved. Also, when the dentures are removed for the evening, they should be thoroughly brushed to remove food particles and bacteria, as well as denture glue which may be utilized.

What Are The Benefits Of Removing Dentures At Night?

Studies show that those who choose not to remove the dentures prior to slumber are more susceptible to gum inflammation, oral infection, dental plaque and thrush. When the mouth moves at night during respiration (or breathing patterns), this exposes the dentures to movement and blockage of the natural airway. It was shown in a recent study that patients who removed their dentures were much less likely to develop pneumonia, bacteria and even higher levels of protein created by white blood cells to fight off infection.

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