Sudden Toothache? - Hagerstown Dentist How I Can Get An Emergency Dentist Appointment?

We all know who to call when we have a medical emergency, but what is the alternative for a dental emergency?  While calling 911 or going to the local emergency room may seem like the best option for the amount of pain you have, it is likely that you will be referred to a dental specialist, for injuries pertaining to the mouth.  In many cases, people do not know where to turn to relieve their oral pain.

Toothaches Are The Worst!

The number one reason patients call for an emergency dental appointment is due to unbearable toothaches.  However, there are a variety of reasons these patients may be experiencing this pain and discomfort.  First, they may have an underlying dental issue (damaged nerve root, wisdom teeth growing in) which may be contributing.  Others may have a more acute episode, which is much more sharp in pain and sudden in onset. Either way, always call you dentist to schedule the earliest emergency appointment, as these pains are warning signs your body is sending you.  If these go untreated, they may often lead to more complications such as tooth loss or deterioration.  Additionally, many dental ailments which produce these episodes of pain can even lead to speech impairment and inability to eat certain foods.

Oh No, I Think I Chipped A Tooth!

Emergency departments nationwide report several dozens of patients who come each year with some form of cracked teeth.  Most are due to sports injuries or falls.  No matter how you happened to chip your teeth, repair is likely needed immediately.  Additionally, whenever tooth loss of any sort occurs, it’s essential to receive a full evaluation of the jawbone, often including several x-rays, to make sure that all of the structures are intact.  Whether the teeth are natural, artificial, or even baby teeth it is important to schedule an emergency dental appointment to prevent any further damage or worsening.
Whether you wake up Saturday morning and feel extreme tooth sensitivity while brushing your teeth, or suddenly have a swollen jaw, it’s important not to wait.  Contact your dentist right away and schedule a visit.  This will save you from a great deal of pain and suffering down the road, as well as costly medical bills.