Teeth Doing Fine - Hagerstown Dentist What Can A Dentist Tell From Your Mouth?

There are many benefits to visiting the dentist regularly. First , maintaining your teeth and gums, secondly , checking for cavities and third getting a perspective of your overall health. There are many things your dentist can tell simply by looking at your mouth with his or her two eyes.  Before the dental x-rays are even taken, here is exactly what your dentist can determine from the very first glance.

Begin With The Basics

The very first place your dentist will be looking at is obviously your teeth! The tooth enamel itself holds a lot of meaning, as even simple marks of distress can show that you may be grinding your teeth (without even knowing it!) The tongue is also examined in detail, as it is one of our most important organs, aiding in both speech and digestion. The tongue is evaluated for any changes in color and texture, as well as any marking such as small white dots, which could be a sign of oral disease.
The gums are usually the next point of interest, as they too hold a lot of clues and signs to your overall health. If the gums show signs of bleeding, swelling, discoloration or receding, this may indicate several different forms of pathology. This may be a simple case of dry mouth, or this can even raise concern regarding oral cancer.

Are You At A Higher Risk?

Believe it or not, many patients who undergo treatments for different diseases and illnesses, including advanced medical imaging and procedures, avoid seeing the dentist! This is especially dangerous for patients who suffer from autoimmune disease, diabetes (both types, 1 and 2), cancer and cardiac disease. These patients are much more susceptible to having sores form on their gums, chronic dry mouth (which leads to chronic halitosis, or bad breath) and tooth degeneration and even loss. Their bones are usually much weaker than the average person their age, so they are much more prone to damage to the root and the nerve root of the tooth as well.
Call your dentist to schedule your next checkup today. We all want peace of mind for the approaching holiday season.  Smile, look and feel your very best this year, starting with those pearly whites!