Dental Implants: The Most Successful Tooth Replacement Method

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Dental implants are one of the most modern dental procedures and widely considered by dentists to be the most successful tooth replacement solution that has ever been created. Although they are potentially the most expensive tooth replacement option, dental implants are considered to be a permanent fixture, are the most natural looking option, and offer a variety of benefits that other fixtures such as dentures, crowns, and bridges do not. Learn more about why dentists all across the United States, and dental clinics here in Maryland, recommend dental implants as the best option for most patients who are suffering from missing teeth.

Replace The Root Of Your Teeth

Although many people may not realize it, probably the biggest advantage of dental implants over dentures or crowns is that they not only fill the gap in your mouth with a natural looking prosthetic tooth, but they also replace the root of your tooth. This is why the implant procedure is more medically involved than other types of tooth replacement, but ultimately yields better results. Once the titanium post at the bottom of the prosthetic tooth has been implanted into the jaw bone, the bone and soft gum tissue begin to grow around it, securing the post firmly. This offers ultimate permanence and stability compared to other tooth replacement procedures. Since titanium is bio-compatible, it’s very rare for it to be rejected by the body. This is one reason why dental implants have the highest success rate of any other surgically implanted device.

Support The Structure Of Your Jaw & Face

Beyond stability, the titanium post element of dental implants means that it will support the jaw and facial structure of patients. When teeth fall out or are surgically removed, the empty space left behind in the jaw can cause it to weaken. Over time, this can cause gum and jaw pain and even result in a sagging facial structure. A weakened jaw can cause difficulty eating, overall pain and instability, difficulty talking, and, most commonly, encourage the skin on the face to sag, which makes people look older than they actually are.

However, when implants are placed into the jawbone, they encourage bone regeneration and healing, which strengthens the bone. For a person to be a candidate for dental implant surgery, they must have healthy jawbone so that the posts can be secured. Patients who don’t have enough healthy jawbone should ask their Hagerstown dentist office if grafting is an option. This procedure can strengthen the jawbone enough for the titanium implants, which will in turn further boost the stability of the jawbone.

No Impact On Neighboring Teeth

Dental bridges are a long-standing tooth replacement option. They work by filling in single gaps in teeth with a prosthetic tooth that is anchored to the ones next to it. There are different models for different situations. One downside of bridges is that they put unnatural pressure on the natural teeth, over time causing weakness and damage. Dental implants are a preferable solution for most patients. Because dental implants have their own artificial root, they do not require support from the surrounding teeth. This leaves your other teeth free of risk of damage and also helps hold them in place so you can maintain your beautiful smile!

A Discrete Dental Solution For a Natural Smile

Dental Implants: The Most Successful Tooth Replacement Method in Hagerstown, MD.

Most patients complain that dentures, bridges, and crowns are unstable. Dentures especially are known for slipping and moving when a person is eating or speaking, leading to embarrassment. Even if they are well made, dentures do not usually fit perfectly in the mouth and can cause discomfort. Dental implants are a preferred option because they are very secure in the mouth. They are also the most natural looking solution. A desire to avoid drawing attention to prosthetic teeth and to have the most comfortable and secure tooth replacement solution is why many patients opt for dental implants.

Enjoy a Permanent Tooth Replacement Solution

Dental restorations such as bridges and dentures will eventually require replacement, some sooner than others. Bridges will last only a few years at most before they require costly and inconvenient replacement procedures. Crowns are also known for being fragile. In contrast, although dental implants are the most expensive upfront, they can last for decades without needing replacement. This makes them an excellent investment in your smile and confidence.

Consult Your Trusted Hagerstown Dentist For Dental Implants

If you are interested in dental implants or looking for a solution for your missing teeth, the friendly staff at Hagerstown Dentist & Dentures are ready to help! We pride ourselves on affordable and comprehensive care for all members of your family so you can achieve optimal dental health. Contact us today to get started on your perfect smile!


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