Causes Of Toothaches After Dental Filling Procedures

Girl Getting a Composite Dental Filling in Maryland You got a composite dental filling, also known as a tooth-colored one, in your mouth because you have a cavity. The problem is, after the anesthetic wears off, you might feel discomfort and tooth sensitivity. Some of this is normal but when should you start worrying if it lingers for a certain amount of time? When should you contact your Hagerstown dentist

Read on to learn some of the causes of toothaches after dental filling procedures.

Wrongfully Installed Dental Fillings Can Interfere With Your Bite

Even though you might not notice the fact that the filling is slightly raised, biting down on it can make the tooth sensitive over the course of time. What makes this even worse is that the pain will usually not resolve itself on its own, so trying to wait it out is not a good strategy. 

Go see your Hagerstown dentist as soon as you notice that this is happening. They will be able to adjust things quickly and you will notice the difference very quickly the pain should be gone over the course of the next two days or so. Waiting it out can lead to other problems.

Oral Infections Can Be Caused By Dental Fillings

This can happen if your dentist does not properly set the filling or if it becomes loose at any point. That will open the drilled hole and allow more bacteria to make their way in and cause an infection. The filling needs to be sealed tightly and stay firm in the area that was filled. That way, the bacteria stays out. 

Another risk is that the filling might be too deep and come too close to the nerve of the tooth, which can also increase the possibility of an infection. The thing with this is that it is usually very slow to occur and both you and the dentist might not know that something is going on until the infection advances. Do not hesitate to go see your Hagerstown dentist if you feel pain in the area around the filling. 

Your Teeth’s Nerves May Hurt After a Dental Filling Procedure

Whether this happens or not depends on how deep the filling is. If it is a small filling then it will likely not cause any problems. But if it is a deep one then it might touch the nerve and cause you to feel a sharp sensation. This is only temporary though and will subside as the nerve heals. Then you should be fine. As mentioned before, there is a chance an infection could develop, but you and your dentist need to monitor it. 

Are Composite Dental Fillings Hypoallergenic?

Man Having Tooth Nerve Sensitivity After Composite Filling Procedure

This is one thing that makes composite fillings stand out over amalgam – they are hypoallergenic. While it is rare for a person to have a reaction to getting an amalgam filling, there is a minute chance of that happening. People who have received composite dental fillings have not had any such things occur. This makes the tooth-colored filling a better choice for that alone. While there are other risks, like the ones mentioned above, a patient won’t have to worry about getting sick from the composite filling. 

Damaged Dental Fillings Can Cause Severe Pain

The last thing you want to have happen is a damaged dental filling. It can happen a variety of ways, but the end result is one that results in a filling that needs to be repaired. This is not a situation where you can wait for a bit. Go see an emergency dentist if need be – otherwise you risk damage to both your tooth and the filling. This can expose your nerve and that will make you sensitive to heat or cold. If you think something is wrong, call your dentist immediately. 

Composite dental fillings have been shown to be safe and are used all over the world. Like everything else, they are not 100% perfect. Still, it is better to have a cavity filled and have to deal with something afterward than having to have a root canal and then a crown put over the tooth. Make sure that you see a skilled dentist and things will go well. If you sense that your tooth hurts after what seems like a decent amount of time after the filling, contact your Hagerstown dentist. Waiting can make it worse. Otherwise, you will be able to enjoy your dental filling and live life. 

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