Sudden Toothache? - Hagerstown Dentist It always seems that unexpected injuries and illnesses come up at the most inconvenient times.  For example, kids and adults alike seem to experience damage or pain to the teeth and gums prior to an important event or even worse, during the event!  However, just like it is important to prepare for natural disasters or medical emergencies, it is also vital to prepare for dental emergencies as well.  It’s important to be educated on your resources and know exactly what can be done at home, even if temporarily, or what needs emergent professional dental attention and care.

I Have A Chip!

Nearly everybody knows someone who has chipped or knocked out a tooth or even worse, several teeth!  It may have happened due to a blunt trauma or sports injury, or even while enjoying a dinner.  No matter how it occurred, it’s important to try to save the tooth and it’s root as soon as possible.  If the entire tooth has been removed from the mouth, it’s important to keep it in a safe place and bring it with you to your dental appointment.  Usually, if a tooth is just partially chipped into small fragments, you can wait until your dentist’s regular office hours.  However, if you have lost an entire tooth or very large portion of it, it is important to seek immediate dental care, so that the dentist can replace the tooth with a prosthetic or try to save as much as possible of the original enamel.  It is important to call your emergency dental practice right away, as the gap in the gums can lead to a dangerous infection if left untreated and can bleed severely.

Help, I’m In Pain!

Although chipped and cracked teeth are very common, pain in the nerve roots and gums is even more prevalent in both adult and pediatric patients.  In many cases, the pain may start out as dull discomfort and develop to excruciating pain which can affect your sleep and digestion.  Although over-the-counter remedies and pain relievers are available, it is important to contact your dentist to identify the root of the problem.  In some cases, you may be in need of a root canal due to damage to the nerve root.  In other cases, you may have developed an abscess , which can lead to a dangerous infection if left untreated for an extended period of time.  In some cases, the gums can be very irritated and may worsen with time, causing extensive pain which is difficult to localize.  No matter which area of the mouth the pain is coming from, contact your emergency dentist if the pain does not subside within a few hours, especially if over-the-counter pain medication was used.  This will help you prevent further damage and pathology to the mouth and will help you sleep better at night!

Contact dental professionals at Acadia dental for your next routine checkup or dental emergency.  Professional, experienced staff will diagnose the problem and come up with a comprehensive, personalized treatment plan to make sure you leave smiling!