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What diet would be appropriate for you wearing dentures?

Whether you wear a full or partial denture, caring for them can be simple and can make a big difference in your smile, comfort, and self esteem. However, there are a few modifications to your daily routine which must be implemented, including a slight change in diet to protect both the dentures and your natural surrounding structures.

Adjusting To Your New Teeth

When the dentures are initially put in, you may feel a bit of discomfort, especially when eating. However, once your mouth and jaw have adjusted, you can usually go back to eating majority of the foods and beverages that you normally enjoy. Foods such as cooked meat, vegetables, pasta and rice can be incorporated back into your diet about one to two weeks after the dentures have been placed.

Foods To Avoid

Although you can go back to eating most of your favorite foods, there are several of them to avoid. Hard foods such as almonds, pine nuts, raw vegetables and thick slices of meat should not be consumed to avoid breaking the dentures. Additionally, sticky foods such as chewing gum and taffy should not be eaten as these can get stuck to the dentures and will be very challenging to remove. If they remain on the dentures, they will cause bacteria to grow and develop which can cause infections.

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