You’re missing some teeth and you need to get the space filled. Leaving the situation as it is is not an option. Were you to do that, the results would be having the remaining teeth shift in your mouth, your cheeks getting a sunken-in look because there’s nothing holding them back, and having more difficulty chewing and talking. So, whether this happened due to an accident, infection, or even possibly genetics, it’s vital to get this fixed.

After you’ve conferred with your dentist and found that dentures are your best option – perhaps you found that your finances couldn’t handle dental implants or that your jaw did not have enough bone mass – you’re ready to begin the denture process.

Before you start though, it’s best to answer the question, “What is the denture process like?”

Starting Off

You will have a thorough exam of your mouth, determining the full situation. This is done to make sure that there are no underlying conditions like infection or tooth decay that can cause problems. Before doing this, there’s a mold that’s taken so that the new dentures will be able to fit perfectly. The dentist or specialist will then extract any teeth that are needed to be removed. You will then get some temporary dentures so that you don’t have to be walking around with no teeth.

It depends on your health. The dentist may decide to do removable dentures or if you can get some implants, then the dentures will snap onto the implants. Most people just get removable ones, though. After the dentures are made, either in the in-house dental lab or at a manufacturers office, the dentist will have you come back in for the next phase.

Making It Fit

This part is the one that requires adjustments. When you have your teeth extracted, there’s a healing process that goes on. It can affect the shape of your jaw and how the dentures will fit. The dentist or specialist will be taking this into account when doing the fitting and will adjust them with a re-lining. Ultimately they should be quite snug after that.


When you come home with your new set of dentures, you will find that your eating choices are initially limited. This is because your mouth is not used to this new addition, especially if you are a first-time wearer. Don’t expect it to be an instantaneous adjustment, too. It can take weeks to get the hang of speaking and eating and just feeling more like your old self. It’s a small sacrifice to pay, though, for something that can give you up to 10 years of use.

What you want to do is eat a lot of soft foods to start off – stock up on these before the procedure. This is so that you won’t have any irritation or complications. When you’re chewing, aim to do it on the sides of your mouth in order to keep your dentures in the proper place.

You must be diligent in two key areas. The first thing you need to do is brush them at least once a day. Use a special toothpaste. Do NOT try to use regular toothpaste. Also, be sure to soak them every night in a special solution. This is what will keep them sterile.

Handle them carefully. They are more fragile than you might expect. Do not drop them, since they can break from a fall.

Staying Safe

You need to be vigilant with how the dentures feel. If it hurts after more than just a few days or it feels like the gums are being cut into, then you need to go to the dentist to have the dentures checked. Otherwise, you run the risk of infection, which can create a lot of problems. Do not wait and hope that they miraculously get better.

Communication is very important throughout and beyond the denture process. Never think that you have a silly question or that you are worried about something negligent. This is your mouth and your dentures – you need to make sure that everything is in working order. Otherwise you may find yourself in a worse situation down the road. Be proactive, not reactive. Your mouth will thank you in the long run.

When it comes to having the dentures made, you will find yourself in excellent hands with Hagerstown Dentist, whether it’s at their Hagerstown office or their Frederick one. The expert staff will ensure that you have dentures that can last a long time and will always work with you to get the best fit. They have dentures to fit every budget and also have an in-house dental lab to shorten your wait.  Give them a call at 301-200-9585 (Hagerstown) or 301-662-1760 (Frederick) to make an appointment.

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