Removable Dentures done in Hagerstown Dentist in Hagerstown, MD and Frederick, MDNow is a great time to be needing dentures. They can be made precisely to the millimeter via digital technology in the same dentist office that the measurements and molds are made. There may be adjustments needed, but overall, it’s light-years better than it was in previous years. 

Here is what some think what the future holds for dentures. The first thing one should do is see what is currently available – this post will be talking about removable, not fixed, dentures.


The dentures have metal frames. They can be sturdy, but there are definitely cons to them. One thing people don’t like about this material is that it often leaves a bad aftertaste. They can be hard to fit and tend to not be aesthetically pleasing – which is why patients tend to ditch them. That can cause problems of their own, including shifting of the teeth.


While flexibles do offer more comfort, the problem with these is that they can get bacteria build-up quickly and they need to be carefully brushed every day to get the bacteria and food particles off.


This is a low-cost option but it is not that durable and that can cause a lot of mouth discomfort. They are also bulkier in certain spots. Repeated insertion and removal can cause a lot of wear and tear, which pretty much defeats the purpose of removable dentures. 

High-Performance Polymers

This is a material that can be both durable and flexible. Patients can wear them in comfort while knowing that they will withstand everyday use. More and more dentists are learning about it.

While many think that the high-performance polymers can gain the most traction once their potential uses and seeking ease in being slipped into the digital denture process, there’s another school that envisions real teeth being grown in a lab culture. They could be grown from things like wisdom teeth. It won’t be too close in the future – more like at least 20 years or more down the road.

Dentures have come a long way since those days of wooden teeth, but there is always innovative methods on the horizons and it may be something that none of the people reading this now could have ever though of.

The staff at Hagerstown Dentist are always looking at what is coming up next. They want to stay ahead of the curve and be able to provide their patients with high-quality dentures. They utilize a dental lab to ensure that the patients don’t have to wait a long time. Give them a call at either their Hagerstown office at 301-200-9585.

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