when to call dentist - acadia dental When is the right time for you to call the dentist?

So when to call your dentist? Well, the answer is straight and to the point – get checked at the very first signs of a problem.

But you should visit a dental practice twice per year for general check-ups and teeth cleanings. This is a standard care action that you must follow through despite of how busy or unwilling you may be.

Brushing your teeth at least twice a day, in AM and right before you go to bed and using floss goes without saying; it should be unequivocally integrated into your daily routine.

Apart from taking care of your teeth on a regular basis, it is wise to watch your nutrition and maintain a healthy weight. A health problem never comes alone – it’s always related to something else being as complex as the body itself. For example, your teeth and gums get destroyed much faster if you regularly consume fast and other junk food and especially drinks that are high in artificial additives, sweeteners and other sugar substitutes such as Aspartame, Corn Syrup and others. Nutrition is something that you should seriously consider if you want to have healthy teeth and gums.

Toothache is not a joke and there are quite a number of things that could go wrong such as cavity, root canal or wisdom tooth removal, but you’ll be much better off if you make the prevention care into your good habit and set a good example for others. It’s much easier to prevent than to face to handle it. Take this advice and follow it!

Little Things Matter

Little problems grow big when they are not attended. Particularly, it is true with tooth decay and periodontal diseases. Caries of enamel will get complicated and turn deep if you neglect it. But most likely you will not notice it at first, that’s why it’s very important to visit your dentist habitually.

Make up Your Mind!

The majority of people suffer from various issues with their teeth and gums but they all boil down to the only thing of not knowing or not applying rules, recommendations, regulations and formulas that, if known and applied, would guard them from consequences of having to deal with troubles that could have been prevented.

It is so easy to do! When to call your dentist? – Make up your mind and call your dentist now !